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Best Selling Easter Bunny 2012 - Game

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Hi everybody,
The Easter is coming and many of you do have a cute Easter bunnies in their portfolios, so what about a little game?

The rules are simple - place here your photos/illustration of Easter Bunny as the main subject and write under it, how many downloads it has in the moment of posting.
After Easter, we will count the number of downloads it gained during competition. The winner will be (of course) the image with highest increase in downloads.

There is no special price for the winner but the portfolio exposure, maybe some downloads and excitement of competition...
Good luck and let me see your bunnies! :)
and editing images :)...
Edited: 03/20/2012, 04:53:48 AM
I love the idea, here is mine
   Easter bunny on white background   
Download count: 5
Posted: 03/20/2012, 04:35:30 AM
   Easter decoration   

Canon EOS 300D, Canon EOS 400D
Posted: 03/22/2012, 17:55:46 PM
   Easter Bunny   

Downloads: 0

Come on people think of all the work my model did for this! ;-)
lens. Alien bees studio lights....
Posted: 03/22/2012, 20:13:20 PM
Okay, I'll play
   Bunny with Basket   

Downloads: 0
Posted: 03/23/2012, 12:34:54 PM
wohoooo - wery nice bunnies :) - nice execution, great models - a lot of potential!

One thing bothers me - this competition is somehow not exposed to people (now I regret I did not place it in Day Dreaming category, that is on top of the list) But we can help it a bit - I would like to ask you guys, to promote this competition by today's fastest means - the social networks... please change your status, publish a link to the thread, tweet it, share it, spread it... We need a crowds standing in lines to see the bunnies... Will you help?
and editing images :)...
Posted: 03/23/2012, 15:17:29 PM
And I forgot to say - contributors are not limited to one image... so if you have more bunnies bring them in...
Peanutroaster - thanx for the blog post - that was damn fast :)
and editing images :)...
Edited: 03/23/2012, 16:15:01 PM
Here is my only pic which can be accepted like bunny:) Zero dls for now!   Easter scrapbook card   
Posted: 03/23/2012, 16:20:54 PM
   Easter Bunny child   
2dls for me on this one so far
Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 AF-S VR, Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 AF-S Speedlight SB-...
Posted: 03/23/2012, 17:10:24 PM
   Easter bunny - cdr format   
EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro, different accessories...
Posted: 03/24/2012, 01:18:31 AM

Originally posted by Janceluch:
Quoted Message: And I forgot to say - contributors are not limited to one image... so if you have more bunnies bring them in... :)

If you insist ....
   Before the Bite    Downloads : 0
   Sneaking Bunny    Downloads : 1
   Easter Cocktail    Downloads : 0

Good Luck everyone!
Posted: 03/24/2012, 07:52:47 AM
Ha! Love those especially the sneaking into the basket and stealing chocolate.
lens. Alien bees studio lights....
Posted: 03/25/2012, 17:18:57 PM
   Easter Bunny and Easter Basket   

Starting Downloads: 1
lens. Alien bees studio lights....
Posted: 03/25/2012, 17:20:07 PM
   Easter Bunny   

Downloads: 0

Hmmm, I noticed in the popular search terms of late - "Christmas" and "Santa", hope we still have time to sell some of theses!
lens. Alien bees studio lights....
Posted: 03/25/2012, 17:23:21 PM
My yummy Bunnies:

   Image not available or id is incorrect.   

   Easter Bunnies Frame   

Both 0 Dls :S
Edited: 03/26/2012, 06:59:51 AM
f2.8, Nikkor 50mm f1.8D, Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 || SPEEDLITE: Nissin MG...
Edited: 03/26/2012, 08:33:12 AM
Mrbar, pls type current number of downloads under your image. (BTW - cute one!)
and editing images :)...
Posted: 03/26/2012, 11:04:26 AM
DT shared this blog/thread on Facebook :D
Posted: 03/26/2012, 12:04:45 PM
there... on the egg :)


dl: 0
70-300mm F4-5.6 APO DG MACRO * Metz 48-AF1...
Posted: 03/26/2012, 12:45:26 PM
7 dl    Hoppy Easter   
14 dl    Easter Bunny   
Posted: 03/26/2012, 14:25:05 PM
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