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Smooth lines and painting objects

First of all, I am a total beginner in the illustration world.
How to get smooth lines and painting objects to work well together? I use paths and then stroke path. Under brush tool, if i set the hardness to 100%, then i get sik-sak ugly contours on curve area but painting objects inside works well because paint goes right next to the black contour line. If i set the hardness less than 100%, contours become smoother and prettier but in turn, when painting object inside, there is a lighter area between contour and paint. I am a bit afraid of submitting such images to DT as I am pretty sure they will reject them due to poor performance.
Illustrators, how do you get rid of this problem?
My tired eyes.
Posted: 03/20/2012, 06:00:56 AM
I found out one solutions - color goes below smooth lines layer :)

any other suggestions are welcome!
My tired eyes.
Posted: 03/20/2012, 13:09:32 PM
Hi Risto40,
Unfortunately, I use basic inkscape, so I am not any help for you on your brush tool. I was hoping that someone will see your post and get you started in the right direction.
I did see your rose with heart and thought is was very beautiful.
Good luck on your illustrations!
I use Inkscape, Corel Painter and Clip Studio Paint for my illustratio...
Posted: 03/26/2012, 18:50:27 PM
I've tried inkscape once but the program seemed extremely difficult. I think I should try it once again some time and spend more time to learn it. I've seen lot of people are talking how good is inkscape.
My tired eyes.
Posted: 03/27/2012, 02:12:43 AM
If you have any time, read this thread.
It started out for beginners and all the trial and tribulations on the learning curve.
I am still learning, but now it is getting easier.
Inkscape is a wonderful program and it is free. Make sure that you have the latest release.
One thing about Inkscape, you will be able to do vectors too.

I do not know what program you are using, but looks and sounds like you are off to a good start.

If you have any problems, or need help with inkscape, just ask.
I use Inkscape, Corel Painter and Clip Studio Paint for my illustratio...
Posted: 03/27/2012, 08:47:11 AM
Thanks! :)
My tired eyes.
Posted: 03/27/2012, 14:07:59 PM