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The ugly truths about printing your own images at home

New article posted: The ugly truths about printing your own images at home
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Posted: 03/27/2012, 03:07:11 AM
Thanks for the info. I don't think I've printed a photo in the past seven years.
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Posted: 03/27/2012, 07:07:20 AM
Thanks for this great blog... For the price and quality is better not to print your work at home.
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Posted: 03/27/2012, 13:09:41 PM
For the rare occasions I want to frame something, (there is no more room on my walls) I am sending it to Mpix, and select the most expensive metal paper available. It does make a difference. It is still much cheaper than owning a machine.

Very few people print out photos these days, and I also noticed something troubling. People use their phones to take pictures. It is not just the convenience to have the camera with you all the time. It is also the convenience of showing the pictures to friends. Somehow the pictures I take with the camera, end up on my computer and I don't take the trouble to upload them to the phone. So when we meet with friends my wife shows them the pathetic pictures she took with her iphone and I have nothing to show.
Posted: 03/27/2012, 13:50:09 PM
Thanks everyone for your generous inputs :)
Speedlite 430EXII, Softboxes, Reflectors....
Posted: 03/27/2012, 19:18:19 PM
Nice blog, thanks for info!!!
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Posted: 03/28/2012, 03:28:22 AM
You got to have the appropriate printer to do the job. Our camera and monitor resolution at 16.7 million is what the human eye can see so its more or less accurate. Anything more than that just calibrate your monitor. You need to have a printer that can handle colours specifically from photos if you want the most accurate and desirable results from your photo printing.
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Posted: 04/25/2013, 04:28:09 AM