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"Find Dorian" and win discounts, free credits and a king's crown

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Hear ye,
To celebrate April 1st properly we've called upon the prankiest pranksters of all times, the jesters. Meet our new mascot, Dorian the Court Jester.

Dorian's tale begins in the Kingdom of Dorians, the jesters without a king.
They've come here with the sole purpose of finding the one fit to be their king. Because Dorian is a jester, he does what jesters do best, he plays tricks. He hides around the site so your challenge is to FIND Dorian and prove you master the art of Dorian spotting. Beware, the road is full of dangers but kingly discounts, knightly free credits and a golden crown await along the way. Get ready to CLICK on Dorians!

Find and click on FIVE Dorians and you get the king's treasure chest: 25% OFF on any purchase made on APRIL 1st. With FIVE jesters, you can also have a mighty feast and invite friends to the Dreamstime castle: they all get 3 FREE credits at sign up. Find and click on all FOURTEEN Dorians hiding around the site and you're the king of kings! You get to wear the golden crown on your profile page and avatar for one week.

Before you set forth, here's what you should know about Dorians:
The Dorians are restless wanderers around the map - check the Book of Faces - they're resourceful pranksters, home is their favorite place, they sometimes explore the main area, they climb up in corners, they're fervent merchants and searchers. Ten Dorians dwell in the Time of Dreams and other four are little chatterboxes, never strangers to social networking. Just look for a funny jester-looking face, wearing motley or a floppy harlequin hat. For each Dorian found, you are awarded a Dorian hunter rank which will be displayed in your avatar.

No spoilers please.
Play fair, play well my friends. Let the Dorian game begin.

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Good idea :)
Posted: 03/30/2012, 17:16:09 PM
Huh ... just got my first dorian by surprise :) lets see, if there are any more waiting for me ;)
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Posted: 03/30/2012, 17:18:22 PM
So far so good :)
Fuji X10-T, 10-24, 90/2
Posted: 03/30/2012, 17:29:03 PM
I thought I got hacked!
Two brown eyes and an open mind.
Posted: 03/30/2012, 18:00:48 PM
LOL - nice game! You mean not hacked but hooked :)))
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Edited: 03/30/2012, 18:10:38 PM
When I type "Dorian" in the search engine I only get 138 results. Perhaps it's a stockworthy subject?
Posted: 03/30/2012, 18:16:06 PM
Found 2 already... the easy ones though I think. For sure I'll get in trouble here if I get too hooked on this
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Posted: 03/30/2012, 18:51:35 PM
I thought i won the iPad 3.. oh well
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Posted: 03/30/2012, 18:52:00 PM
I found 10.
4 to go.
Posted: 03/30/2012, 18:52:05 PM
Whoopee, I'm the king ;)
Thanks for fun time DT :)
NIKON + Nikkor/auto & Leica/manual lenses
Posted: 03/30/2012, 19:26:45 PM
There are 11 Dorians in your castle. Keep looking, you still need 3 Dorians to get the king‘s golden crown.
Posted: 03/30/2012, 19:39:01 PM
Cheers, Teabum! :)
Does it mean we all Dorian Knights should stop searching?
For me something is hanging, and I can't even complain properly without spoiling a dorian...
photos), Canon PS-A610 (rarely, very good at macro with ada...
Posted: 03/30/2012, 19:42:44 PM
Hey Andromantic
Keep looking and become king too ..... Everyone is the winner! Well, those who find the crown ;)

Last few were a bit of brain teaser, but they are really all there waiting :)))
NIKON + Nikkor/auto & Leica/manual lenses
Posted: 03/30/2012, 19:49:59 PM
Wow! Congrats Teabum

....and I am the one who made ur crown.......:)))))

   Gold crown company logo   
Edited: 03/30/2012, 19:59:53 PM
Teabum, I guess I have another day until April 1st :^)

Dreamzdesigner, welldone, great crown! now you'll have lots of sales of it (I hope) :)
photos), Canon PS-A610 (rarely, very good at macro with ada...
Posted: 03/30/2012, 20:05:06 PM
Thanks Andromantic..

& I have 7 more to get that :))
Posted: 03/30/2012, 20:15:50 PM
I thought you had a much bigger one! by default, so to say :)))
photos), Canon PS-A610 (rarely, very good at macro with ada...
Posted: 03/30/2012, 20:18:07 PM
Thanks for making this nice crown Dreamzdesigner
It fits well on my head :)))))))
NIKON + Nikkor/auto & Leica/manual lenses
Posted: 03/30/2012, 20:22:43 PM
I went to the tax area and had 3 dorians taken away. :-(
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Posted: 03/30/2012, 20:24:25 PM
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