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Great Photoshop Technique for making colors pop!

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I have to be honest and say that up until now I have been a little lazy when it comes to learning about Photoshop and its abilities.

So I invested in a number of books, joined NAPP and started learning more and moving away from actions that are for sale (I do agree that they do have their place, though).

A technique which I learnt that I wish to share with you, is that of making color pop using LAB MODE. Here is a lesson that I found on Youtube which I shared via my blog LINK

I hope that you like it and it helps with your images that you submit, because it has helped me alot with my images of late on here and elsewhere.


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Posted: 04/16/2012, 15:04:52 PM
mm, Sigma 105 mm macro...
Posted: 04/16/2012, 17:44:21 PM
Good link
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Posted: 04/17/2012, 02:58:58 AM
Thanks for liking the link. I hope it helps and adds another dimension to your images!
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Posted: 04/17/2012, 03:18:43 AM
Thanks for sharing
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Posted: 04/17/2012, 04:15:56 AM
Thank you for the link. Actually I heard the LAB technique from a friend before but this is the only time that I got all the details.
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Posted: 04/17/2012, 07:07:40 AM
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Posted: 04/17/2012, 15:46:11 PM
Thanks for sharing!
Posted: 04/17/2012, 21:51:17 PM
Folks, thanks for all your feedback and comments. Good luck with the technique and I hope it helps take your images to a new dimension. Don't forget to record it as an action in order to speed up your workflow.

2 x SB80DX Pair of PW Plus 2...
Posted: 04/19/2012, 14:30:42 PM
Very god tip! Thanks a lot! :oD
Posted: 05/17/2012, 06:33:40 AM
Hi, i notice that the video says it (LabColor mode) does not work in Photoshop Elements, only in CS6... so what does everybody here use ? ?? I'm new this week and submitted 8 photos and only one was approved. Mainly because they already had a million ducks and mine was not above and beyond the million that they already have, lol. But i do realize that I'm competing against Photoshop images, not just against great photos, so i'm looking to get the same edge so that I can get approval on my pics too. Thanks for any help :)
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Posted: 05/22/2012, 16:42:07 PM
I use photoshop CS 5. But I have learnt that some people who contribute to stockphoto use a lots of different software. Some of them even free software downloaded from internet.

So I guess it depends on creativity and skill more than anything else.
Posted: 05/23/2012, 07:52:34 AM
Not sure about elements, as I don't use it. However, I will try and find something and add it to this thread if I do.

2 x SB80DX Pair of PW Plus 2...
Posted: 05/23/2012, 08:10:26 AM
That's a great link - A good tip.
Posted: 10/06/2012, 16:48:30 PM
Very effective. As with many color/contrast changing techniques it often goes overboard and needs to be applied at a lower opacity - as stated in the video. So if you create an action, to do this with one click, stop the recording after you "set" the layer to soft light. That way you end the action and you have a layer to change the opacity to fit the image. You then just need to flatten the image and remember to change the mode back to RGB.

Thanks for the link.
Posted: 10/08/2012, 21:00:24 PM
hi would you be willing to donate some of your old books
Posted: 10/09/2012, 23:58:47 PM
I have books to donate :-) photography and photoshop.
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Posted: 12/02/2012, 17:59:24 PM
It works beautifully, love it thanks. One issue I am having (CS5) when I go to save the file jpeg does not come up in the save....what am does everyone save the file as? I most be missing something. Also in the video it states this does not work in photoshop elements.

appreciate any feed back about saving the file.

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Posted: 12/16/2012, 16:01:12 PM
Susan. After you apply the action the image will be in LAB color mode. You need to convert it back to RGB mode to save it as a JPG. Click on "Image", then "Mode", then select RGB color.
Posted: 12/16/2012, 21:59:01 PM
Thank you Fernley,

I thought it had to do with the colour mode, but I could not figure out how to fix it....very grateful for the help and nw10protography for the technique.
Nikon D7000, Nikon and Tokina lens, iMac, CS5
Posted: 12/17/2012, 05:15:15 AM
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