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Wildlife rejections

to bad dreamstime reviewers do not care much about wildlife. They seem to like to reject most of the wildlife pics, and I think some pretty good ones. I VERY RARELY post in the message board, but am a bit tired of their crap..
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Posted: 05/05/2012, 16:01:15 PM
I don't think it's about caring or not caring. It's more about what customers are looking for. If wildlife images are not on high demand, it's wise to take only bests of the bests for sale.
Rejections doesn't mean your images are bad. It just means Dreamstime don't have clients for such type of images.
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Posted: 05/05/2012, 16:12:55 PM
Potential solution ... don't be exclusive with DT and submit your wildlife images to agencies that specialize in that subject.

Along the lines of what Maigi said, it isn't personal ... just business. DT doesn't have much of a call for that subject so why burden the db with non-selling images ... good or not?

For many years I belonged to this agency: [Admin edit: Please don't advertise other agencies on Dreamstime forum]

It's right up your alley. Give them a try. If your photos are as good as you think they are, you should have no problem getting them accepted there.
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I dont have many wildlife, but of the few I have some are among my best sellers, so I think the subject sells well here.
There are manu factors influencing sales, keywords, how well the photographer is, etc...
As to rejections, many other factors influence them, one is accurate keywords, if you have a full description of the animal including its latin names, for sure its more likely to be approved than a general "pretty bird on a tree" like description.
Thats the reason why they dont let us discuss rejections here, there are too many things that could be the reason
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Posted: 05/06/2012, 16:15:34 PM
Yes, many things could be the reason for a rejection, and they come to you as a refusal reason with each refusal.

Sometimes, the refusal reason is more generic, or the photographer doesn't fully understand it, that's when we encourage users to contact our support in order to clarify misunderstandings.

Please don't discuss refusals on the forum, nobody can clarify a refusal reason here.
Posted: 05/06/2012, 17:57:01 PM