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Just when i think i'm out, they pull me back in

I offer this to all newbies such as I, or to anyone else who, at times wants to throw their camera against the wall. LOL

I'm have a very bad month thus far (in regards to rejections).
**** Pls Note Dreamstime...i'm not discussing rejections here. ****

I wrote this as a way to comfort myself and and pass it along for enjoyment or lack thereof, whichever way it works for you. :)

Twas the night before quitting, I walked though my lair.
I was frustrated and gloomy, I just didn't care.
My gear all neatly packed, in my camera bags,
I'd just finished marking them with 'for sale' tags.
My wife rested snuggly…my supportive, sweet honey…
Dreaming of things she would buy with the camera money.
So I headed for bed, removing computer from lap,
and settled my brain for a depressing long nap.
When out from my laptop there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the machine I did careen,
tapped on the keyboard and looked at the screen.
When what to my wondering eyes did appear,
but an email message... I read it with fear.
A familiar "from" line. I recognized the source,
I knew it was Dreamstime...Rejection of course???
Maybe I'd be lucky, maybe I'd nailed it this time,
With much anticipation, I read line by line:
Dear George! Congratulation!
Images Approved!
No issues, good focus,
Good exposure, good news!
No similars, great exposure!
Good background removal!
Your images will soon be available,
for online perusal.
As dry air from the desert does water dry,
I felt the teardrops dissapear from my eyes.
And to my camera bags I ran... No, I flew.
Revitalized, invigoured, my spirit anew.
I pulled out all my gear and so I began,
removing the sale tags, as fast as I can.
And as I finished, and was turning around,
in the room my wife appeared... without a sound.
A wink of her eye and a twist of her head,
soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread.
She spoke not a word, but looked straight in my eyes,
and smiled so slightly with a slight sigh.
And placing her hands upon my rosy cheeks,
She kissed me so softly It made my knees weak.
She returned to her bed, to finish her rest,
Leaving me feel like I was the best.
And I heard her whisper 'ere as she walked out of sight,
"Forgot to tell you... I checked our email earlier and you had two downloads last night."

I changed my mind. I'll keep at it for a while.
Happy clicking....
Panasonic G3/GX8 and some nice Panny lenses.
Posted: 05/11/2012, 09:26:14 AM
Ha ha yes that just about sums it up when many rejections happen-great well done. I hope you have many more approved and many more sales soon :)
IS, Cannon 70-200, Canon 100-400 IS. Giotto tripod....
Posted: 1 minute ago
Lol....fantastic, I can sure relate to this :) Wishing you many more approvals and sales! :)
Canon EOS 550D
Posted: 1 minute ago
Oh, I got tears in my eyes reading this, all kinds, happy and sad, and excited! I can sooooo relate. NEVER give up! Your ideas are wonderful and your execution solid and fantastic! You'll do fine. I am in love with your number 4 most popular, with all those horses running! I only can wish right now that I had one as lovely and inspiring as that in my portfolio already. I've been trying whenever I have an opportunity to photography horses, which is not very frequently. One day I'll get it though, lol, along with many, many more animal photos. But they are sooooo challenging, what with their beautiful free will and their unpredictability and all that, lol. Ugh :) Guess that's part of what makes it so irresistible to me though. Keep rockin!
Canon, Olympus
Posted: 1 minute ago
Hehehe, good one, and this month I can say I definitely relate :0)
lens, 18-135 DX ED Nikkor, 24-85 f2.8 FX Nikkor, 50-500mm Sigma EX AP...
Posted: 1 minute ago
thx for your encouraging replies folks.

Panasonic G3/GX8 and some nice Panny lenses.
Posted: 05/18/2012, 11:50:29 AM
seemed a bunch of folks were still reading it so opened it up again.
Panasonic G3/GX8 and some nice Panny lenses.
Posted: 06/12/2012, 12:50:20 PM
So funny and creative, George! Really enjoyable read, especially since I can relate to this up and down roller coaster ride that is micro stock photography. After a string of days in a row with no sales or an image you totally love is rejected it's easy to get a bit bummed. But the days with a sale or two can make you feel like you're on top of the world!
Nikon, Adobe and Macintosh
Posted: 08/02/2012, 12:30:13 PM