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DT images by Spinning Angel and others used in music video...

I'm a music producer/ recording artist and I licensed about 25 images to use in a music video for the title track of my Indigo Moon CD. Most of the images in this production are by Spinning Angel, with additional images by: Elen (cover art) Arbistudio, Rolffimages, Photouten, Pfheonixx22, Frenta, and David M. Schrader.

Here is the link to the Indigo Moon video on my site:

(some of my own "amateur" nature photography can be seen in the "Merlin's Garden" video on the same page)
Posted: 06/18/2012, 11:07:15 AM
Hey! Thanks for these credits...you didn't get my images :( but it's a very nice thread to inform people. I wish I had an image in a music video :) It would something to show to my family and friends :))

Why noone answered this thread?
f2.8 - Nikkor 50mm f1.4 - Nikkor 50mm f1.8 - Tamron 90mm f2....
Posted: 07/17/2012, 03:55:21 AM