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Buyers! Did you forget to download these images? - lightbox count high, no sales...

Hi all,

Everyone likes the Nice game, right? Maybe, because there is a hope that a buyer will check the thread... ;-)

Here is another venue: let's see and expose (one at a time, pls) those of our images that are in large number of lightboxes but still have not sold even once.

This idea came to me after seeing more and more of my images with lightbox (LB) counter raising while in some cases no sales happening for (arrgh) more than a year :( I thought, maybe buyers simply forgot to download? Buyers, ah?

ps: to find the lightbox number, one has to click on the image thumbnail and look down the page, where the Categories and Collections are shown - on the right hand side on the bottom of the page.

Here is my lightboxed "best-seller to be" (5 lightboxes, no sales yet):

   English countryside landscape: house behind bushes   

the rules: image has no sales for more than half a year, current lightbox number >= 5
photos), Canon PS-A610 (rarely, very good at macro with ada...
Edited: 06/19/2012, 18:43:55 PM