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Canon EF 24-105/4 L IS USM lens

What do you think about Canon EF 24-105/4 L IS USM lens, upgrade on EOS 600D.

All my shots so far I was made with Canon EF 50 1.8.

600d , EF 24-105/4 L IS USM, EF 50/1.8, macro TA 90/2.8
Posted: 1 minute ago
I like to go on this site and see other people results with possible new lenses


Canon 5D MKII 50mm f1.8 28mm 70mm f2.8 60mm f2.8 macro
Posted: 1 minute ago
I used it on the 7D, and it was a very good lens. Comes down to whether the focal length range suits you. I rarely shoot wide, so it was a good fit. Also, it allows you to shoot fairly close which is handy for stock. In the end, though, I used a macro over the zoom for stock work. Zooms tend to be optically inferior to a good prime stopped down a bit.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Its a fantastic lens, I had mine with a Canon 50D, fantastic lens you wont regret.

I am using it now with my Canon 5D MkII, the focus range for the full frame is even better, but for who has only a 50mm, you will find it fantastic.

If you need a wide angle, you can buy the 10-22 later and add it to your kit.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Completely agree with Afagundes and Bradcalkins. A great lens. I don't think you can go far wrong with canon L lenses.
Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Fuji X100
Posted: 06/28/2012, 08:42:12 AM
Thanks for reply all of you.
I get nice offer for glass and I think that I ll go for it.

600d , EF 24-105/4 L IS USM, EF 50/1.8, macro TA 90/2.8
Edited: 1 minute ago
If you need a smaller number F, the Canon 24-70/F2.8 L maybe a very good choice.
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Posted: 07/04/2012, 04:05:13 AM
As Pardojavi says: I looked at both the 24-70 L and the 24-105 L and went with the f/2.8 24-70 L. Stunning lens and great in low light with it's f/2.8.

Either lens will be a great addition to your gear :-)
Canon L 28-300, Canon L 24-70, 50mm prime f/1.4, 2 x Canon 580EX II F...
Posted: 07/05/2012, 06:41:55 AM
It depends a bit on your photographic style, the faster lens f2.8, might help blur a little more the background, but for me IS is more important, I want a bit more of DOF normally, not a portrait photographer.

I had one 24-70 for an afternoon and didnt like it.

One thing I didnt like at all on the 24-70 is the size of the "jumbo" lens hood, its huge and ackward to use, I need something more practical at my trips even though obviously it protects better from the sun, but it was very complicated to put my camera back on the bag with that huge thing and to switch it to the front, I just lost a lot of agility with that lens. Besides that, I noticed I had to change the lens quite more often, needing more my 70-300 telephoto lens, which is not an L grade lens, so I was loosing quality between 70 to 105 mm.

Qualitywise comparing images in the same range (24-70 f4.0 and up), they are not much diferent one from each other, the 24-105 is a bit more prone to vigneting, so you need a very narrow filter, the 24-70 has no problem with that.

And the fact that the 24-105 has IS allows me to take a lot of images with a smaller aperture, handheld, that for me was the break dealer (and it was much cheaper too...)

But thats a very personal decision, you might want f2.8 to blur the background for some reason, even though at 105mm and f4, and a close subject the background blurrs a lot as well.

My profile image is me holding the 5D with the 24-105, BTW.
f/4L Canon EF 70-300mm IS/USM f/4-5.6 Canon 100mm f/2.8 USM/Macro ...
Posted: 07/05/2012, 07:47:23 AM
Useless if used in studio, almost useless outside.
Piece of crap (bad AF, bad flares).
Posted: 1 minute ago
Great all round lens, had one for years and never had a problem, consistently returns quality results, used mine in the studio and outdoors and haven't experienced any of the issues described above.
This is Canons flagship lens and the reason the top Canon speedlites have a zoom between 24-105.
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Posted: 07/19/2012, 11:22:34 AM
I catch it and I like it. :)

Thanks for reply to all of you.
600d , EF 24-105/4 L IS USM, EF 50/1.8, macro TA 90/2.8
Posted: 07/21/2012, 06:25:38 AM

Originally posted by MinervaStudio:
Quoted Message: Useless if used in studio, almost useless outside.Piece of crap (bad AF, bad flares).

I love it! It's tack sharp and no problems with flare at all (I only do studio work, never use or used AF)
Posted: 1 minute ago

Originally posted by Miketea:
Quoted Message: I like to go on this site and see other people results with possible new lenseshttp://www.pixel-peeper.com/lenses/?lens=29

Very useful site. Thanks for sharing this.
Canon EOS 550D and a Mutant Calculator
Posted: 11/12/2012, 07:57:38 AM