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Problem with level sale...

Hello, im new and not experienced with sales (i hope that will change :) ) so maybe i miss something about earnings depending of the image's sales.
Recently i had the second sale of an image of mine.    Sandy beach   

The first sale was a LEVEL 1 sale and i understand that after a look at the level sales and commissions help and guidelines.

According to these guidelines and taking for example another image with 2 sales, the second sale should be a LEVEL 2 sale. Instead it was again a level 1 sale!!! Which really i dont get why...

I wrote to support last Friday but i still have no answer so I hope some of you, more experienced with sales have some answers about it... perhaps i miss something at the levels structure... i dont know...

Thnx in advance guys and girls
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Posted: 06/25/2012, 05:25:52 AM
If you go to your "Management Area" section you have to press the button "My Earnings". Into the visualised table at the column "Image level" you could find the @ symbols. If you drag the muose over a @, a message will be displayed indicating at what level the image has been purcased. Your image have to be purcased at level 1 the first time (color yellow of the @) and at level 2 at the second time (color red of the @). If this is not true you have to contact the support.
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Posted: 06/25/2012, 05:55:43 AM
It doesn't change much in terms of earning if the buyer used his subscription purchase plan. The retribution to the contributors or photographer will not be higher that 0.42c per picture for level1 or level2.
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Posted: 06/25/2012, 06:02:29 AM
Take also in consideration that this is valid only for the images sold from the next april up to now. For images sold before it was different!
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Posted: 06/25/2012, 06:04:06 AM
Hi guys and thank you for your responses..
I forgot to mention that the purchases was a level 1 with 3 credits the first time and credits 8 but Level 1 again(!) the second time.

And the sales was, the first one at June 3 2012 and the last one was last Friday... :|

Still confused but judging by your answers perhaps its a systems glitch or something.
As long i read the levels structure, like you Baldas1950 this should be a Level 2 purchase....

Thnx again guys, perhaps an admin can help....

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Posted: 06/25/2012, 06:15:56 AM
It should be a level 2, support usually dont answer on weekends, so you will have an answer pretty soon.
Anyway, I checked and if I was to buy it now it is a level 2.
Best luck with your sales.
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Posted: 06/25/2012, 06:20:25 AM
Thank you for your answer Afagundes, yes i noticed too, it moved to level 2 AFTER the second sale... @.@

Ihave to wait for the support's answer i guess....

My best wishes for your work too !!!!!

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Posted: 06/25/2012, 06:51:01 AM
Hey, guys, i just found something odd also which i dont know if it happens to you too OR it is just something that I dont understand.

Starting by the image case above, i just took a look at my other sales and ALL have different commissions that it should be.

For example, sale: exclusive image, medium size, level 1, 7 credits (2010), i received 1.85, according to commissions section it should be 2.41 usd.

another example, image sold, large size, exclusive sale, exclusive contributor, 11 credits (2010), large size, level 2, i received 6.35, according to commissions section it should be 8.25 usd.

And these differences apply to all of my credit sales..

Is this happening to you also?????
Am I so stupid that i miss something that everybody else see or understand ????????
Can somebody please explain me why this is happening?
Support still have no answer to my email so i count on you for some information or help in order to understand that.

Thank you
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Posted: 06/26/2012, 00:49:24 AM
Per the FAQs

I received unusual royalties for images sold. What could the explanation be?

Royalties different from the ones you see displayed on the Sell Your Images page are due to various factors.

The most common explanation is the actual credit value per each package a buyer purchases. The more credits the package has, the lower the price/credit. Each credit's value and hence royalties are now calculated at the real value paid by the buyer.

For example, 8 credits purchased with the $9.99 package, will bring the contributor a reference of $1.25/credit: the royalties for a 8 credits image will vary between $3 (non exclusives, level 1) or $6 for exclusives. A $99.99 credit-package will bring the buyer 108 credits, which translates into $0.93/credit. Royalties for a 8 credits image are $2.23 (non exclusives, level 1) and $4.46 for exclusives.

Add to the above the possibility of having third party downloads through our alliances/referral programs or the value of withholding taxes for non-US contributors and you will understand why royalties values are so diverse. The price per credit PPC can also be affected by seasonal promotions and discount campaigns.

Edited: 06/26/2012, 06:56:48 AM
Support take longer to reply over a weekend as there are less people working (because it's the weekend). Not sure what time you sent your message on Friday, but you probably wouldn't get a reply until Monday or Tuesday the following week. If you haven't heard anything from them by Wednesday contact support again - they won't mind.
Posted: 06/26/2012, 07:28:24 AM
In this moment I have sold (for the second time) the following picture:

   Angel with the Cross   

It sell at level 2, extrasmall, 5 credit

But the revenue is $2.94 instead of $3.75 that is the established prise for an exclusive photographer, So it seem quite normal to sell the images at a redused price as it was explained by Red.
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Posted: 06/26/2012, 09:31:38 AM
Stratos, we have checked the downloads for this image and it seems the same buyer re-downloaded the image the first and second time. Because most of the first downloads are accidental and the buyers actually want a different size, we do not change the image level and price for them.
Edited: 06/26/2012, 09:52:17 AM by Admin
Hi everyone and Tangie.
Thank you all for help infos and of course Tangie too :)

@Tangie i didn't knew about this same customer politics. Sorry i couldn't imagine something like that by myself!

thanx again for the explanation :)

@Red Thank you ! i should have search a little better !!!

Happy sales everyone !
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Posted: 06/26/2012, 11:35:58 AM