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What makes a good stock composition

Hello everybody: Suppose you would submit a photo that is probably not cropped enough, meaning other similar photos would be cropped quite a bit more and you would receive only this feedback:
The composition of a successful commercial image needs to be clear and supportive of the image's main concept and primary subject. A good composition is one which does not limit the potential use of the image by designers (by being tightly cropped, for example). Engaging the classical rules of composition, such as the rule of thirds, the golden ratio or a supportive use of negative space may help you to produce good commercial images. You may visit the Stock Photo Utilities section of our site or the message boards for more information on how to produce stock-oriented images.

what would you think ??? that they don't need another of those stupid photos or would you crop the "blank" out of it & re-submit ? Not talking about any photo in particular, just asking what everybody would do, thanks
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Posted: 07/19/2012, 21:14:06 PM
and talk about what makes a good stock composition please ! thanks
video. Lenses: Primes, L series and cinema lenses...
Posted: 07/19/2012, 21:14:33 PM
Mudplucker, send a message to support with the id of the rejected image and ask for more detailed explanation. It has helped me sometimes.

This explanation normally means that there isnt enough negative space on the image, but I had at least once an image where they told me the reviewer had chosen the wrong reason for rejection by mistake, so if you think the reason for rejection does not apply to your image you should ask DT.
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Posted: 07/19/2012, 23:30:42 PM
As Afacgundes mentioned, for details on rejections please do contact support.
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Posted: 07/20/2012, 01:41:51 AM