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Arizona Brown Spider (Loxosceles spp., see message)

I need a centered, evenly-lit, macro shot of an Arizona Brown Spider, well-focused, preferably dorsal view, with good detail.

There are several species commonly called Arizona Brown Spiders, all in order Loxosceles. Any of the following would be acceptable:

L. arizonica (preferred)
L. kaiba
L. sabina
L. apachea
L. deserta



Nikon D5100, Nikon L810
Posted: 07/25/2012, 16:31:34 PM
Note: If you plan to run out and take a picture of one of the above, be advised that they're all venomous and their bites can cause necrosis, and sometimes death.

Great assignment, huh? :p


Nikon D5100, Nikon L810
Edited: 07/25/2012, 16:34:23 PM
What is your timeline on this? I'll need to verify which type of recluse we have in the area.

EDIT - I hope the website you are putting together is more useful than what I am currently finding online. The same images are being used for several of the different recluse spiders (see loxosceles arizonica and loxosceles reclusa at this URL) This is definitely making it harder to verify with any certainty if we have the type of spider you are wanting images of.
Edited: 07/25/2012, 17:23:44 PM
A few days to a couple of weeks. I'm in the process of moving myself and my office, so I'm a little behind on things. Luckily, it's a site rebuild, so the client's not in a huge rush.

Also, if I have to I can put the site live without a picture, and add one later. But I'd rather it be there when it goes live, if possible.

I know the frustration you speak of. People use reclusa for everything. But I can get all the reclusa pics I need. In fact, I actually have a few I'm not using that are licensed. But i want the site to be accurate.

The company is a commercial pest control site, not an educational one; but I'm a stickler for accuracy about things like this.


Nikon D5100, Nikon L810
Posted: 07/25/2012, 17:34:37 PM