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Question about Vector Category

Hi, I have a question.

When the vector file is accepted the categories for an illustration are: 1) Illustrations & Clip Art/Vector (default after vector approval), 2) Illustrations & Clip Art/Illustrations (compulsory in the upload process), 3) xxxx, where xxxx stands for one of the two categories chosen.


   Kids Playing in the School Gym   

For this illustration I selected: 1) People/Children, 2) Abstract/Fun, 3) Illustrations & Clip Art/Illustrations. In my opinion the most appropriate category for this illustration between 1 and 2 is People/Children, but after the vector approval they are: 1) Abstract/Fun, 2) Illustrations & Clip Art/Illustrations, 3) Illustrations & Clip Art/Vector. I think the reason is simple: it is chosen the first in alphabetical order.

So, my question is (for this specific image, but it is a "broadly speaking" question): is it possible to indicate a main/primary category for vector illustrations?

If not, the only solution is to select only 2 categories (Illustrations & Clip Art/Illustrations and xxxx): is it correct? How do you (illustrators) usually do?

Thanks in advance.
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Posted: 07/27/2012, 06:30:43 AM
I don't care about it, if illustrations is good, customer will notice it.
...and by it hopefully
Posted: 07/28/2012, 01:46:59 AM
I did not even know that there was a illustrations & ClipArt/Vector, but I see that the illustrations are automatically added into that category once the vector is approved. Thanks for pointing that out.

I select 2 categories if possible and the illustration category. I feel the vector add on is a bonus and the 2 categories that are chosen, describe the illustration/vector as main/primary for image.

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Posted: 07/29/2012, 15:26:57 PM