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Please don't take my camera away

New article posted: Please don't take my camera away
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Posted: 08/03/2012, 19:20:48 PM
Actually, you're a smart lady for doing this. When I travel I try to make sure my camera gear looks as inconspicuous as possible. Great idea : )
Posted: 08/03/2012, 23:28:32 PM
Great idea. I have the same issue as I do a lot of shooting around the beach and crowds. I'll have to find something a little less "fun." I'm a sea captain after all!
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Posted: 08/04/2012, 12:33:44 PM
seems many have the same issue - on the other hand if the gear does get rather precious, it would be good to start thinking of a special insurance so we don't bother risking our lives for our gear :)
most of the time I have my heavy tripod with me - it looks rather dangerous in my right hand - so bad people might think twice before trying to steel my stuff
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Posted: 08/04/2012, 22:41:14 PM
Great idea!
Two brown eyes and an open mind.
Posted: 08/06/2012, 06:11:36 AM
I really am enjoying it. It's lighter than the old bag. And Martingraf is right-insured your stuff :-) I do, but still want to take care of it as best I can. I'm a grandma and even with tripod in hand I doubt I look intimidating.
Cameras, lenses, phone, eyes, feet and a car.
Posted: 08/06/2012, 09:05:28 AM
Great idea!....:)
Canon Cameras and Lenses...:)
Posted: 08/08/2012, 07:33:10 AM