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DT now not worth the effort !

New article posted: DT now not worth the effort !
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Posted: 08/10/2012, 18:24:45 PM
hi my firend,I am exclusive here.I see the same situation here.eran 20-30$/month.it is not worth for exclusive.
I am feel unsure about the subscription.the subscription download amount is too less.I think if dt change the main donwload method to subscription,DT should enhance the subscription download amount to keep the photographer's earning.

I am also thinking it is not DT's mistake.every angency is experiencing winter.
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Posted: 08/10/2012, 20:55:56 PM
I agree completely.
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Posted: 08/11/2012, 01:06:33 AM
I agree. Im gonna wait out Q3 and see if sales are start coming. Otherwise I will opt out of exclusivity and start exploring other stock sites.
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Posted: 08/11/2012, 03:28:46 AM
Hi Steve, I do agree 100000% with what you wrote. I will see this Q3 to stop upload and prepare to stop the exclusivity with DT if nothing changes.
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Posted: 08/11/2012, 11:35:13 AM
If you click on Top contributors, no one are exclusive. I think they know how business work. I agree with you, Dreamstime it's no more a place to be exclusive. With only 630$ a buyer can get all my portfolio (~1500 images) at maximum size. Or TIFF. Or RAW. Yes, RAW or vector files are only .42$ for subscriptions now!
I will find 4-5 more stock agencies and start the upload soon if DT don't reconsider the marketing strategy. Steve, I will contact you on FB to ask you some thing if you don't mind. Thanks for posting.
Posted: 08/11/2012, 12:59:43 PM
You're right things are going bad here, sales have drop seriously. I don't have the time to work with several stock agencies, so I guess I will continue to be exclusive, hopping DT changes the way they are doing sales.
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Posted: 08/11/2012, 22:44:40 PM
hi Egomezta,I am in the same situation with you.I also have not enough time to do serveral stock agency.As the biggest agency have not exclusive clause,so I want to try the second biggest stock agency,I can not tell the agency name here.I think every one know it.
Nikon D3100,18-55 lens,35 1.8G lens.
Posted: 08/12/2012, 03:52:52 AM
Hi Steve,

I feel your pain. And certainly you have more experience than me, and images on line. I am just wondering if you are jumping to conclusions too quickly. I find that everything takes time in stock, and a month isn't that long of a period of time. (July 10-August 10). Also the summer months seem to be a slow time.

I decided to be patient with the changes, and to see how things evolved. I am finding that despite those 42 cent subscription sales, I keep getting credit sales that pay more, due to the change in levels for credit sales. In other words, the credit sales are not disappearing, and the revenue balances out. I mention this because I, like you, sell many travel related images, and I am still seeing a significant level of credit sales.

Of course all of this is only over a short period of time--not enough to gain any great insight on things to come. Like everyone else, I do have a love/hate relationship with the change in levels for subscription sales.

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Posted: 08/12/2012, 22:30:10 PM
yes me too. and i bought a new camera so i could do more. but now i don't know why i bothered. i have had no sales at all it's ridiculous.
Posted: 08/13/2012, 05:17:08 AM
yes me too. and i bought a new camera so i could do more. but now i don't know why i bothered. i have had no sales at all it's ridiculous.
Posted: 08/13/2012, 05:17:17 AM