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The Lightning Hunter

New article posted: The Lightning Hunter
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Posted: 08/31/2012, 12:50:15 PM
Wonderful, thank you for sharing these tips!
Posted: 08/31/2012, 22:12:47 PM
Great info, thanks for sharing.
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Posted: 08/31/2012, 22:24:03 PM
Thanks for sharing, is a nice blog!
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Posted: 09/01/2012, 00:42:11 AM
Excelent tips !!!!!! I just wish you had wrote these tips last year before June 30, 2011. That is when I broke every rule on your blog written here today. But if I had followed all your rules, I would have never captured my coveted "Chicago Lightning" image captured that dangerous evening. Thanks for sharing.
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Posted: 09/01/2012, 01:08:06 AM
Great advice. Thankyou. The last time I was in a position to successfully shoot lightning was back in analog times, & I ran out of colour film so had to switch to a roll of black & white. Managed to capture a couple of reasonable shots considering I couldn't check the outcome until I got the films developed. Just waiting for a chance to shoot lightning in digital, when my only restrictions would be if I ran out of memory cards, and batteries! Lucky I keep a good supply of both on hand :)
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Posted: 09/03/2012, 05:26:33 AM
Nicely written! I could almost smell the rain!
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Posted: 09/03/2012, 05:47:46 AM
thank you for sharing,,
nice blog!
Posted: 09/03/2012, 17:29:25 PM
The drama in your blog compelled me to read it through to the end. Excellent! Thanks for posting.
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Posted: 09/03/2012, 19:42:19 PM
Great tips, and great blog!

I had to learn each one of those the hard way, and only after years of practice.

Storm photography is why I take pictures so I completely understand the passion. I have taken many images of lightning and each one is a unique and special image.

Best of luck, because sometimes you need that when photographing lightning. :)

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Edited: 09/04/2012, 00:10:58 AM
I don't take chance with lightning. Having been a victum of a elecutin (with my uncle). The moment i hearf thunder the computer and air confitionr are unplugged-- (not long ago lost an air condition due to a lightning strike.
Dtay safe anu use commom sense gettintting the right pictur.
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Posted: 09/04/2012, 07:24:45 AM