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The end of summer

New article posted: The end of summer
Posted: 09/01/2012, 11:29:22 AM

Know exactly how you feel...

Here in Israel summer is still around, just go back from the beach, wish it wouldn't end...(but it will soon).
Posted: 09/01/2012, 12:38:56 PM
Too bad for you... Here in Mexico we get plenty of light for two more months...
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Posted: 09/03/2012, 13:16:10 PM
Hi Ewamewa!
I would really like to join your mountain lakes and rivers collection... There are lots of Italian lake and mountain images in my portfolio. If you agree, could you please tell me how to do it
Sorry my post doesn't have much to do with the end of summer theme...
All the Best from Berlin, Germany
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Posted: 11/03/2012, 07:35:50 AM