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Images for database clean up: Update

We have removed the rekeywording via the keymaster option for images lined up for database cleaning (images older than 4 years with no downloads to date). This option has unfortunately proven little efficiency so far, with very few or no sales at all.

The 'donate' and 'disable' options remain active. As usual, whenever contributors have images eligible for clean up, they will be informed by email and comment. The images will still be available for sale for one month during which time the contributors need to decide whether to donate or disable the images in question. The default option is 'donate' but you can change this from the link you are provided with in the notification. Please make sure you set the action you wish taken once the month expires.

For your reference, this is the page from where you can reset the default action:
Database cleaning files
Edited: 09/03/2012, 11:31:45 AM by Admin
Well done!
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Posted: 09/03/2012, 09:04:48 AM
I agree, I tried to use the rekeywording, but had no success, they kept not selling, instead I review the keywords after 2 years, if they still fail to sell in more one year, its time for them to go.
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Posted: 09/03/2012, 10:09:15 AM
Good call :)
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Posted: 09/03/2012, 10:50:43 AM
Very good call!
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Posted: 09/03/2012, 11:25:38 AM
Big plus 1 on that!
Posted: 09/03/2012, 15:18:25 PM
Makes sense. I imagine very few of the non-selling images are a result of poor keywording.
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Posted: 09/03/2012, 15:48:42 PM
So it will be good.
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Posted: 09/04/2012, 04:42:14 AM
This is an old thread but per this announcement Images for database clean up you state that the option to have old, unsold images re-keyworded was removed. However that option is still listed on this page Old Files The text is confusing and needs to be updated.

Unsold images (+4 years old)

Comments are sent each time a new old image batch is lined up for database cleanup. Ensure you check your comments all the time to have better control on what happens to these files.

 Please select one of the three action options given below. If no action is taken, the default option will be enabled once the 30 days expire.

- donate the image to the free section (default action) which can provide significant portfolio exposure and increase your sales; images can be disabled at any time later.

- re-keyword the image via keymasters ($0.60/image); choose this option only if you strongly believe your image has sale potential.

- disable the image; this is permanent deletion of your image and should be used as a last resort.
Edited: 12/31/2012, 17:01:52 PM