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Reducing Hotspot

Here's a quick trick to reducing hotspot. Usually if the flash or strobe is not diffused enough a hotspot can appear. This could also appear if the model has oily skin. If you shoot out door during mid-day, the sunlight could reflect back a hotspot. I created a quick 2 minute video on how to reduce a hotspot.

Quick PS trick to reduce hotspot

1.) Duplicate the layer (Command + J)
2.) Select the Patch Tool
3.) Make a selection around the hotspot
4.) Drag or move the selection to another similar location
5.) Deselect the selection (Command +D)
6.) Lower the Opacity of the top duplicate layer to around 30% - 50%

Hope this helps!
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Posted: 09/14/2012, 13:23:09 PM
Great advice!
I have used clone tool or healing brush on the second layer, masked almost everything out except little soft area around the hotspot, and then lowered opacity of that fixed layer.
I will try your method too.
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Posted: 09/18/2012, 14:55:52 PM
nice tutorial usually the nose gets too much reflection from the camera's flash
Posted: 10/09/2012, 23:46:39 PM
Thanks for sharing...you should think about using the blog tool of DT for such posts. More people can see your post :)
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Posted: 10/18/2012, 04:14:44 AM