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Photokina summary

New article posted: Photokina summary
f/2.8 Pro, ZD 50mm Macro f/2...
Posted: 09/17/2012, 12:19:57 PM
Which is the cheapest body with a full frame sensor ? Does anything beat the D700 ?

Aren't the 36 Mega pixels a nuisance in RAW increasing processing time and clogging up hard drives ?
What are you using now and what's your choice for the future ?
Nikon D 700 and various Nikon lens.
Posted: 1 minute ago
Thanks for the round up, much easier to wade through !
Canon 1Ds Mark III, 5D2, L Lenses, Broncolor Lighting
Posted: 1 minute ago
David - the D700 seems to be discontinued. If you go by models actually in stock, the Canon 5D Mk II is the lowest I can find at $1900 body only. If I had to pick a horse, I'd probably say that Sony is really positioned well right now. They have a killer P&S, a mirrorless that works with their PDAF lenses and has a great EVF, plus APS-C and full frame body options. On top of that, they have Carl Zeiss optics. Nikon and Canon are making excellent cameras, but seem to be holding back to avoid killing their existing markets. Sony is taking chances. Plus they make great sensors and put them in many of the other brands.

Personally I use an Olympus OM-D E-M5, and I love it, but I can't say the micro four thirds will ever beat out the larger sensor cameras.
f/2.8 Pro, ZD 50mm Macro f/2...
Posted: 1 minute ago
Wow, great blog, thanks for sharing this.
and equipment: - Nikkor 70-300 mm - Nikkor 18-105 mm...
Posted: 1 minute ago
So much information--great job Brad!! Thanks.
I am shooting with the D800, thanks to my Dreamstime earnings. It is pretty incredible.
But you are right, David, 36 megapixels are a lot to handle.
I have a very old IMac, and will upgrade once the new one comes out.
Processing can be painfully slow, and I work a lot off of external drives.
Currently my primary cameras are a Fuji X-T2 and a Fuji X100F.
Posted: 1 minute ago
Thanks for the summary updates.
Nikon Digital
Posted: 09/18/2012, 09:56:43 AM
Nice! Thanks for sharing!
equipment- Visatec Solo Three Monolight Kit, Speedlight-Nikon SB-800,...
Posted: 1 minute ago
You're welcome!
f/2.8 Pro, ZD 50mm Macro f/2...
Posted: 1 minute ago
Great article, thank you.
Posted: 1 minute ago
Thanks for sharing!
Canon PowerShot G11, Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Illustrator CS.
Posted: 1 minute ago
It has been great to read this really amazing.
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