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Any idea on how long priority review are taking, these days ?

Hello folks,
All is in the title, I guess.. I have fex pictures that I took yesterday, for the frst day of the Iphone 5 in stores... in shooting few people queueing in Paris.
Of course, the editorial value of these kind of picture goes very fast from something (maybe) to nothing, as I doubt that any editorial coverage of the event will happen after few days...
I asked a priority review, in indicating the pictures number, but I really don't know how fast this priority review is these days... A little bit afraid of doing unusuful job in submitting pictures of event that will be blocked (and maybe refused as well), for lack of interest...
Posted: 09/22/2012, 12:37:51 PM
Hi, usually they are reviewed monday morning, unless they are on a "breaking news" subject, but don't worry, media coverage also means weekly or monthly magazines. Also your pictures will be useful every time a new Iphone is released :)
Posted: 09/22/2012, 14:36:21 PM
Many thanks Dudau :-)
Posted: 09/22/2012, 15:03:27 PM
Your images have been reviewed :)
Posted: 09/24/2012, 02:08:17 AM
yeeeeeeeeah :-)
thanks a lot for your efficiency :)
Posted: 09/24/2012, 03:30:50 AM