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How was September?

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In general I am very pleased with Dreamstime, but lately my sales are going down. I s it just me or do you feel the same? Any idea why?
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My sales have really shot up this month. During the summer it was slow.
Posted: 09/30/2012, 08:35:33 AM
My sales have been much slower for, I guess, 2-3 months. Because of that I gave up Exclusivity.
Posted: 09/30/2012, 08:52:41 AM
This is my second BME, it has been a wonderful month for me.
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Posted: 09/30/2012, 09:19:49 AM
Been having a good month myself. It actually picked up a lot for me this month and took my first payout :-)...Hang in there...it will change. You have a good portfolio.
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Posted: 09/30/2012, 10:25:24 AM
bad august, bad september (sept < aug < aug 2011). Portfolio growing, sales down. Sad.
Posted: 09/30/2012, 10:53:39 AM
September = july + August. This month has been very nice for me......
Posted: 09/30/2012, 12:13:50 PM
Not very good, but little better than last five months. Last year was much better with smaller portfolio and that's little strange, isn't it?
Posted: 09/30/2012, 13:57:11 PM
Seems to be picking up again thankfully
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Posted: 09/30/2012, 13:57:16 PM
My September is like the Afagundes' one. It is my second highest revenue since 16 month since the date that I started to upload my first accepted picture. I thought about leaving exclusivity if the revenue remains like this summer. It is not the case. So, I will not change anything and make it easy by just uploading one place only. I hope to reach $1000 next month.
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Edited: 09/30/2012, 15:52:50 PM
ridiculously slow...down in everything except for my portfolio growing. 90% of downloads are subs. Very depressing performance on DT...
Posted: 09/30/2012, 15:53:33 PM

Originally posted by Digikhmer:
Quoted Message: I hope to reach $1000 next month.

1000 or 100? Per month or your total? 1000 / month?!
Posted: 09/30/2012, 17:17:29 PM
Good September
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Posted: 09/30/2012, 18:12:04 PM
about half of the sales and revenue of last September
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Posted: 09/30/2012, 18:14:47 PM
Sucked less than last month.
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Posted: 09/30/2012, 19:51:21 PM
Picking up after a slow summer with some nice credit sales. I hope it continues through the Fall and Winter seasons.
Posted: 09/30/2012, 21:36:56 PM
After averaging a sell a week for two months, it all stoped for September as I did not get one sell.

So hopefully things pick up for October.
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Originally posted by Ronyzmbow:
Quoted Message: In general I am very pleased with Dreamstime, but lately my sales are going down. I s it just me or do you feel the same? Any idea why?

OK - so any idea why sales are on the way down?
Posted: 10/01/2012, 01:19:58 AM
2 sub sales =( SAD ~
Posted: 10/01/2012, 01:24:58 AM
1/3th of September 2011, with a 1/4th grow in portfolio.
So bad month.
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Posted: 10/01/2012, 01:45:59 AM
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