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Withholding tax?

I have waited for some time to gain 174$ and today I decided to request my first payment. The problem is that in my requested payments history there is a section Withholding tax of 14,09$ and I don't understand why I have to pay this tax.Can someone explain? I have read a few threads and I didn't find an answer.
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Posted: 10/06/2012, 09:37:54 AM
Did you fill out the necessary forms in the Tax Center? I would look at the information provided there and contact Support with any questions.
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Posted: 10/06/2012, 09:50:54 AM
In the Tax Center portion of the website, it says:

"I'm not a US citizen or resident, and I do not live or work in the USA. Why is withholding taxes on my earnings?

Dreamstime LLC (owner of is a U.S. business organization. As such, Dreamstime LLC must comply with U.S. tax laws. These laws mandate withholding taxes on U.S. source royalties paid by U.S. business organizations to people who are not residents or citizens of the United States."
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Posted: 10/07/2012, 19:24:46 PM
Yes I did fill out the forms .
Now I understand.Thank you very much!
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Posted: 10/09/2012, 02:36:36 AM