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Uploading additional format before image is online

Can I upload EPS format before image is online? I want to avoid removing keyword "vector" and then adding it again. If I upload EPS images via ftp, will they be accepted simultaneously with JPG versions?
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Posted: 10/10/2012, 12:58:18 PM
From my experience, the additional format is reviewed days even more weeks later. I used to upload both in the same time even if the JPEG version is not accepted yet. It is done and no need to come back later...
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Posted: 10/10/2012, 15:04:58 PM
You can upload the additional format while the jpg is still in the pending queue, but they are both reviewed separately as Digikhmer stated above.
Posted: 10/11/2012, 09:40:54 AM
For me, I upload the file.jpg via ftp:// then in the management area I click to edit the pending file to add the additional file.eps format.

And I also have the keyword "vector" for that file.

I'm not sure the ftp:// will accept the .eps :P
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Edited: 12/07/2012, 17:58:09 PM
1. I am uploading both (bitmap and vector) same time.
2. I do include keyword "vector"
3. at the end of description I write "- Vector available."

This way if the buyer finds the file before the vector is approved, he still can ask the support to get him vector from the author - and the guys will do priority review and everybody can live happily ever after... :)
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Edited: 12/12/2012, 10:57:34 AM
I started doing it, too and it seems to work out fine.
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Posted: 12/12/2012, 11:29:04 AM