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My W-EL first sale :) but.....

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Hi, lately i had my first W-EL sale and im very glad and excited to think that someone spent 50 credits for a photograph of mine !!! :)
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but... (as always, there is a but..) I was excited when this happened and im not a calculation guy but now, after somedays, i just checked the earnings page here and im a little or a lot confused... I got only 8,25 usd for my commision and from what i check at the earnings page, there is a big diff between what i should have and what i got as my share.

I've got 8.25 for an EXCLUSIVE SALE, Level 1 image. Licence W-EL, 50 credits sale.

As i said, this is my first w-el sale, maybe i miss things.

Can someone more experienced contributor help me to understand that or is a support issue?
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This would probably be a question for support and not the message boards.
If you contact support they can give you detailed information on the sale and computation of commission.

Best of Luck

Posted: 10/13/2012, 11:23:39 AM
The price a buyer pays for a credit varies hugely and this is reflected in your cut.
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Posted: 10/13/2012, 15:12:13 PM
I think that the taxes can be the culprit as well !!!
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Posted: 10/13/2012, 15:18:21 PM
cool photo
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Posted: 10/13/2012, 15:57:19 PM

Originally posted by Saap585:
Quoted Message: I`ve got 8.25 for an EXCLUSIVE SALE, Level 1 image. Licence W-EL,

This isn't an EXCLUSIVE SALE but sale by extended license (which is not the same).
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Posted: 10/13/2012, 20:53:02 PM
Stratos you are not a photographer working exclusively for DT, if you were you would receive 60% of the revenue, you should contact support and ask for details of your sale.

Great image, by the way, congrats!
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Posted: 10/13/2012, 21:06:38 PM
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Posted: 10/13/2012, 21:48:07 PM
Thank you guys for your response.

@Igordabari it is an EXCLUSIVE image, so it is an EXCLUSIVE image sale !

@Afagundes i was for about 2 months. It was enough for me ;) so i stopped.
Instead to be EXCLUSIVE for someone else, i decided to be EXCLUSIVE full time stock photographer for me. :) Now i contribute to around 10 agencies and ..... feels nice!!!.
thank you for your congrats mate.

@Miketea thank you !

As i see here, only support can tell me why i've got 16.5% for that sale as my cut.

I will forward this to support.

Thanx again and .... happy sales everyone !
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Posted: 10/14/2012, 00:50:54 AM
Good sale... congrats!
Posted: 10/14/2012, 04:01:04 AM
Worth contacting support, more likely to be a sale generated via the partner site program. If you search the message board here for "Exclusive sale contributor" I think you will find a very similar thread but alas with no answer.

Good luck and let us know the outcome.

I have had quite a few EL's now and most come in at $25-$30 as an exclusive however I did once get one at about $8 but just let it ride as being stock.....
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Posted: 10/14/2012, 05:29:35 AM
Hi Saap585, you still have to contact support if you want a complete, personalized answer, but until then I hope my answer will cover most of your questions:

In the earnings table you can read on the first row that those are the maximum values: "(these are maximum values)".

If you press the words "maximum values" in that table, you will get to a Frequently Asked Question: I received unusual royalties and of course, the answer about discounts. In that answer you also have the link to Tax Center.

So, I can assume that the buyer is a big buyer who gets big discounts. If the buyer is also from US and you didn't submit the form in the tax center, this means 30% of your income was withheld for US taxes. Yes 30% is a lot, considering that Greece has a 0% taxes treaty with USA.

But again, you have to contact support if my answer is not clear enogh and you need more details. Cheers!
Posted: 10/14/2012, 12:55:39 PM
Posted: 10/14/2012, 13:41:50 PM
@Dudau. Hi, i did contacted support and waiting for an answer. And i checked also the links u provided.. I did have submitted my proper tax form too.

Yes, all these gives me some answers but still im frightened by the possibility to sell an image for 500 USD for example and get 82.5 USD as my cut... u no what i mean... and that was an exclusive image!!! I could have it to around ten other agencies and maybe get more money instead have iy exclusive here and get almost nothing from a sale like this...

I will wait for the answer and if the reason is a sale from a partner site maybe i have to consider to opt out of this program and/or the exclusive images concept.

Anyway, thank you for your time and feedback. ;)

@BCritchley Thnx for dropping by !!! and your thoughts. I will definitely let u know ;) cheers

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Posted: 10/14/2012, 14:15:36 PM
The rate for an exclusive file (but not photographer) is 27.5% for a level 1. But this is not 27.5% of 50 - that is just the number of credits. Looking at the Buy Credits page you can see that if the buyer goes for the 1000 credit pack they pay $0.86 a credit (should be close - I can only see the Canadian dollar values). This mean they only paid $43 for the file. 27.5% of that is $11.83, and if you had the 30% withholding hit you'd only net $8.28. The value you got seems reasonable, even if it is below the 'maximums' DT posts. I'd like to see them post a range from minimum to maximum as it certainly takes some digging and it borderline misleading.

Why misleading? The only way you can get those values posted is if the buyer buys the most expensive credits. I question how many buyers would buy a 50 credit license by buying seven 8 credit packs. Surely the 52 pack price is what DT should be working from for the estimated EL maximums?

Having an exclusive file only adds 10% to your earnings, and some search placement so whether it is worth it depends on the value of the file elsewhere... Level plays a big role - I have non-exclusive images that have netted me up to $17 for a level 4 (and 0% withholding tax).
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Posted: 10/15/2012, 11:09:50 AM
Hi , i just got the answer from support. Is quite general answer, As I promised, here it is and it will give some answers to all.

"This particular buyer purchased a very large amount of credits and received a special bulk discount. They purchased about 40,000 credits.
The more credits the package has, the lower the price/credit. Each credit's value and hence royalties are now calculated at the real value paid by the buyer.

For example, 8 credits purchased with the $9.99 package, will bring the contributor a reference of $1.25/credit: the royalties for a 8 credits image will vary between $3 (non exclusives, level 1) or $6 for exclusives. A $99.99 credit-package will bring the buyer 108 credits, which translates into $0.93/credit. Royalties for a 8 credits image are $2.23 (non exclusives, level 1) and $4.46 for exclusives."

That means a profitable deal for DT and the buyer but ...loss for the contributor? ? ? I was just.... unlucky that a BIG buyer choosed my image.... no further comment...... :|


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Posted: 10/15/2012, 12:03:40 PM
Impressive sale! well done!
Posted: 10/16/2012, 01:59:45 AM
thnx Keki ;) same 2 u !
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Posted: 10/16/2012, 16:59:09 PM

Originally posted by Saap585:
Quoted Message: I was just.... unlucky that a BIG buyer choosed my image.... no further comment...... :|

Why unlucky? If they had chosen somebody elses file you would have earnt nothing and somebody else would have got the 8.25$ :)
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Edited: 10/17/2012, 06:36:08 AM
@Godfer yes, i guess u r right.... positive thinking ;)
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Posted: 10/17/2012, 08:59:17 AM
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