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I'm confused. Can you help?

New article posted: I'm confused. Can you help?
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Posted: 0 hours ago
I never choose any of them. The "use recommended price" is automatically checked. I've been uploaded that way for almost 2 months.
Posted: 0 hours ago
I activate all license types to give the most options to a potential buyer. If you need to know what a specific license means, you can do some research on the contributors tab.
And I leave it to the experts at Dreamstime to determine prices as they know a lot better than I do what are the competitive values compared to other stock agencies.
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Edited: 0 hours ago
I selected all of the items and the selected price $ 500
Posted: 0 hours ago
I did a little research and then I realize I should should choose W-EL AND P-EL, but not SELL THE right. Although my image maybe not so valuable but for long term I think should not sell the right. Sorry that I almost mislead you. Thank you for asking. I didn't think of the extended rights before. You just helped me.
Posted: 0 hours ago
I do web and print, but not sell the rights. If you are exclusive the SR-EL is an option (you have to disable it within a few days so having it uploaded elsewhere is a problem), but keep in mind a buyer can request the SR-EL whether you enable it or not, and you have the chance to set a price. I prefer it that way, then I only have to decide if it ever happens, rather than try to track it on so many files... Also consider, though, that if you set the price for the SR-EL, you may get the 1 year option and only net 1/8 the listed price. If set to $250 you only get $31 - hardly worth disabling a file for a year...
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Posted: 10/18/2012, 01:29:40 AM
Web and Print. No selling of rights except for my exclusive images...
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Posted: 10/19/2012, 06:09:04 AM
I want to thank to Jackbluee, Vilaimages, Fengai, Bradcalkins, and Elifranssens for the answers and suggestions they have given me. They have been helpful to clarify my ideas
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Posted: 10/19/2012, 11:08:25 AM