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Please critique my portfolio

If you want to critique my port please go ahead. Anyody's coments are welcome.
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You are far best than me my friend....7 uploads, 7 sales....100% efficient . ;))

I have much more and no sales.....
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Posted: 10/26/2012, 11:49:04 AM
But only 1 of the 7 pics have sale. The water toer is hopeless. Time is over for the halloween pics.(maybe next year). The others ????.
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Posted: 10/26/2012, 17:14:13 PM
Hey , you are here since 2008 and only have 7 images......i won´t talk about you did and about you just have i will talk about your future images. You have to find another perspective for your shoot´s, another point of view. Seeing what you have we easily detect that you take pictures in the same position (body and camera position) from the top to the ground....

you must find another views , put the camera on the ground, take the shoot of a flower from the ground to sky, put the objects front and back , play with focus and DOF , think, what you do every day ? What is your view or how you look to the landscape every day? so, don´t shoot like that...this is your day all day.....try to find out what you don´t see or what you like to see....and then shoot.
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Posted: 10/26/2012, 17:33:16 PM
Well, Dan, glad you asked. :-)

I will give you a critique but it will be hard for you to truly understand the context of what I will say because you and everyone else do not know my background, experience, and credentials. I have been critiqued many times and have been both encouraged and discouraged. Here at DT, when I look at a portfolio and/or individual, I try to get a feel for where they're at and try to address what I think I am looking at.

I start by saying this because in your case I am not going to critique your portfolio, I am going to citiique you as a PHOTOGRAPHER. I follow the forums closely (I may be qualified as a "geek" or "homebody") so I have seen you a lot the past couple of years.

So, Dan, if you want to be a photographer, then my first comment would be is to go out and take pictures! Take pictures of whatever interests you. What motivates you? What do you enjoy about photography? Do you get the shakes if you haven't been shooting for a while?

You pop in for a while and then disappear. You tell us you're going to an auto show. Did you actually go and take pictures? Did you submit them?

You tell us it's raining and you can't go out.

You have health issues and can't shoot.

With the nature of the internet we only see Dan through a small window but there is a pattern here: You're always making excuses for not taking pictures. And when you do we get minute-by-minute drama as the images go through the review process and get rejected or accepted.

Let me tell you a true story:

I am acquainted with a photographer who just absolutely loves to go out and shoot. She is a documentary type photographer, she's done projects with the homeless and war veterans who end up in the hospital with physical or mental issues from their service. About a year ago she was having bad back pain. What she didn't know is a tumor was growing in her spine and it eventually snapped the spine because it grew big enough to rip it apart.

The surgeon had to pretty much gut her like a fish; during the surgery they opened up the entire spine and wired and screwed everything back together. It was unknown if she would ever walk again but there was good news in that regard as she went through the process.

After she healed up enough from the surgery, she still had to go through chemotherapy.

When I heard about this, I knew she was going to want to document the experience. I bought her a cheap pocket camera and gave it to her in the hospital. She was extremely grateful for being able to take pictures again. And I knew it was something she needed for the journey she was about to go through.

So, yes, Dan, even when you're creeping close to death, sick and in the hospital, you can still be a photographer. Some people need a golf club in their hands, others need a Harley between the knees, and we here need to see the world through a viewfinder.

I was glad for you when you photographed the wedding for your niece, that is a great experience for a photographer. But why did you come on the internet and ask if you should post the wedding pictures? I can speculate but psychiatry is not my specialty.

Just go out and take pictures. In the hospital. In the rain. You will discover many things about yourself as you journey through the viewfinder. The journey itself is why we are photographers.

Just go out and take pictures and discover yourself on the journey. There are other issues here as to why you need to post about an auto show or the rain or a wedding. We don't need to go there because I have my own demons and there are many times where the demons are winning. Just go to the auto show or go out in the rain. You don't need our permission.

When it comes to stock, if you're having trouble getting past the reviewers, then ask questions. Ask about techniques for fixing noise. Ask about composition. I may be wrong here, but I get the impression there is a degree of frustration about getting images uploaded. You hit the wall, feel a certain amount of despair, and eventually look for some sort of comfort in the forums when it gets you down.

Even with myself, the reviewers can sometimes be brutal on me. I have very bad periods for sales and get depressed. Real life feeds my demons and causes me to fail in my responsibilities. But when I think about my friend half-dead in the hospital, her entire life changed forever, yet she still being excited and grateful for having a camera in her hands again (despite being limited to shooting from her bed), there is no excuse I can come up with for not doing what I can to improve my photography.

For now, don't worry about stock, just be a photographer, Dan. Get shooting.

My first challenge to you is to go out and shoot in the rain.
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So, yes, Dan, even when you're creeping close to death, sick and in the hospital, you can still be a photographer. Some people need a golf club in their hands, others need a Harley between the knees, and we here need to see the world through a viewfinder.

Can someone be better ?!! ;))

In Portugal, was a photographer (he already died) that become blind around his 50´s years . He never left photography, he hired a helper . The helper job was just SEE and DEscribe the landscape, the details, the object.....after that the photographer tell him how put the camera, what the F. point to use, how the landscape must appear in viewfinder ,where put the focus, what filter to use..... the helper was his eyes and hands, only that.... HE WAS BLIND - HE EDITED A BOOK !!!

The Photography, the image, is made in the brain. Camera only captures the moment .
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Edited: 10/27/2012, 06:03:00 AM
Well, Winsconsinart get straight to the point, but he might missed something, I checked your portfolio and 5 of your 7 images are from this year, actually, I calculated your halloween images were uploaded by the end of this september, so it seems you are taking pictures and uploading them.

With 7 pictures, my advice is try a lot more stuff, really, shoot in the rain like Wisconsinart said, dont just stay with one or two images, explore the concepts more, not only a soccer goal, but take pictures of a ball, the team, the t-shirts, do as Brmonico said, take it from the ground on top of a leather, experiment more,

Take this advice from someone who have made a lot of mistakes, its fun, go and do it! If you get rejections, learn from it and try it again, but never stop.
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Posted: 10/27/2012, 22:17:19 PM
Thank you Wisconsinart, for caring enough about a fellow contributor, to write your inspiring post here, its an excellent lesson for us all. My thoughts are, that we all have the ability to sort problems, and stop making excuses. But there are times when we require help, inspiration or just outside input....Good luck Dan1 with your submissions, and importantly, keep at it mate.
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Posted: 11/09/2012, 07:09:40 AM
wow, great post, wisconsinart! good luck with your work, dan1!

ps: i"m new here, hello. :)
Posted: 12/07/2012, 06:27:41 AM
great post wisconsinart! Im pretty new on DT, good luck!
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Posted: 12/10/2012, 22:02:53 PM