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How do they compute the acceptance ratio?

I think the acceptance ratio plays an important part in selling your photos here - officially going below 70% will only reduce your weekly upload limit, but more than once I observed that at the same time your photos visibility drops significantly - every time I go below 70% (which happened probably 3 times for me), I get a long period of 2 weeks or more with zero sales and very few views.

But what I don't understand is how they compute this ratio. Right now I am t slightly below 70%, 63 accepted, suggesting that my total number of uploads has been ~100, and that every acceptance or refusal should add or subtract ~1% from the ratio.

But this is not what's happening. It looks like it does go down as expected, but goes up much less than expected. Latest example: I was at 70%, then got 4 rejections in a row (two for the assignment, two regular uploads), and my rate went down to ~66% - as expected. But then I resubmitted all the four photos (after correcting them), and they were all accepted, plus I had one more photo accepted. So after 4 rejected, 5 accepted I expected my ratio would recover the original 70% level, but it only went up half way, to 68.5%. I am pretty sure similar story happened in the past as well.

Can anyone explain what's up with the DT math here? Are they doing tricks with the numbers? Or perhaps there are some rules I am not aware of? E.g., it is conceivable (but I don't know if it explains all the discrepancies) that a photo which was initially refused, but later accepted after one correction, is considered as "half-photo rejection".
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Posted: 11/01/2012, 09:32:06 AM

AR = Accepted files / Accepted files + Refused files.

Check also this LINK, please, for more infos.

Best, Rob.
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Posted: 11/01/2012, 09:48:15 AM
DT's math is correct. Let me give you same examples.

Let's say you have 70 files accepted, but you submitted 100 files. This means you have 70/100*100 = 70% acceptance ratio.
Now you submit another 3 files and they are rejected. You new ratio is 70 / 103 * 100 = 67.9%.
You submit again another 3 files and they are accepted. You new ration will be 73 / 106 * 100 = 68.8%.

It's pure math, there is no special rule from DT.
Posted: 11/01/2012, 09:51:59 AM
Yes, you are absolutely right! When I use my exact numbers, I recover pretty much what DT did to my acceptance ratio.

Before this last round of uploads, I had 70.1% ratio and 58 accepted, meaning 58/0.701 ~ 83 total uploads.

After I got 4 rejections, the ratio should be 58/(83+4)=66.7% - very close to what DT gave me.

Finally, when 5 photos were later accepted, it should become (58+5)/(87+5)=68.5%, exactly where I'm now.

So, no discrepancy here. DT simply treats every acceptance as a new uplod, even it is a re-submitted photo. Which makes sense.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Posted: 11/01/2012, 10:05:40 AM
My original confusion was due to my naive assumption that if they reject a photo, but the accept it when you fix it and resubmit, they change "one upload + one rejection" to "one upload + one acceptance" (essentially "forgiving" you that the photo was initially rejected). In this scenario indeed after submitting 4 photos, getting all rejected, and then getting all accepted after fixing them should bring you back were you were at the beginning in terms of acceptance ratio.

Instead, DT uses much less benign system where they change "one upload + one rejection" to "two uploads + one rejection + one acceptance", which doesn't recover the original acceptance ratio.

In the case I described in my previous post (started at 70%; 4 rejected, 4 fixed and accepted + 1 more accepted), I ended up much lower than at the beginning - at 68.5%. I just computed that to recover my original 70.1%, I'll need to have 5 more photos accepted in a row!

So having your photos rejected are rather expensive here: after my 4 photos rejected, I need to have 10 photos accepted in a row to go back to the original ratio. Not super contributor friendly IMHO.
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Posted: 11/02/2012, 08:06:52 AM