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October...what a month!!!

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First half of the month truly scared me with low number of sales and revenue but the second half made me smile. :) How was October for all of you out there? Pls. share your thoughts. :)
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If I had canceled two good sales, a $ 28.85 other $ 4.13, what unpleasant enough, I could say it was a good month. Month loose as usual ...
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Not good month, all sales in the second half of the month.
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Posted: 11/02/2012, 02:43:54 AM
This was the best month ever. Thanks Dreamstime.
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Posted: 11/02/2012, 02:49:29 AM

Originally posted by Radub85:
Quoted Message: This was the best month ever. Thanks Dreamstime.

It is my best month ever since 18 months of uploads. Thanks DT and to all the buyers. Please, continue !
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Posted: 11/02/2012, 03:12:49 AM
Not a bad month in terms of sales and revenue but RPD is still quite a bit lower than it used to be. Overall though not too bad but not as good as September.
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Posted: 11/02/2012, 03:22:57 AM
I got 5 sales, which is an infinite percent increase since September when I had zero sales :)
Posted: 11/02/2012, 03:43:56 AM
177 sales with an RPD of $2.90
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Posted: 11/02/2012, 04:02:40 AM
Sales above average, but RPD only $ 0.90. In terms of revenue the worst month this year...
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Posted: 11/02/2012, 04:38:38 AM
The perfect month for me.

BME for uploads (70, 2 refused): in the last two months I uploaded a tenth of my whole portfolio.
BME for sales (656): I sold more than a half of my whole portfolio.
Very good RPD and BME for revenue. I reached my initial goal (at least 50$/day).

And, last but not the least, I've been one of the Featured Contributor of the month.

And november starts very well...
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3rd best month ever. Only very slightly lower than September.

Looking forward to a better November,
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Posted: 11/02/2012, 05:16:36 AM
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Posted: 11/02/2012, 06:15:21 AM
BME in sales (13) and 2nd best in revenue (28.66 dollar, best month was july with 28.73 dollar)
all my uploads of the last months starting to give some results :)
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Posted: 11/02/2012, 07:16:31 AM
Not even close to my best, which was disappointing. Last October was my BME. :(
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Posted: 11/02/2012, 08:24:49 AM
Definately one of my worst months, I suppose it depends on your portfolio, and your rankings.
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Posted: 11/02/2012, 12:15:45 PM
Best month in sales ever, the third in revenue. Great.
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October made me feel like I'm back in 2007 when I joined DT. Terrible month, only a few sales. I can explain the huge drop only by that that I went non-exlusive... But I'm happy :)
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Posted: 0 hours ago
Best month in a year for sales, third for revenue (on DT). BME across all my sites...
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Posted: 0 hours ago
Nothing at all.
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Posted: 0 hours ago
BME in sales and revenue.
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Posted: 0 hours ago
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