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Post your most sold photo - only if it has more than double sales compared to the next most sold photo

The title is a bit long, but here is the idea: some of us have a single photo which for whatever reason is selling much better than the rest of your photos. It might very well be that we all can learn something from looking at these successful photos, so let's post them in this thread!

To put a specific threshold, please only post your most sold photo here if it has more than double sales compared to the next most sold photo. Please mention the sale numbers for this photo, and for the next most sold photo.

Not surprisingly, I have such a photo (that's how I got the idea for the thread). For whatever reason, one of my photos is selling much better than my other photos: at this point it has 43 sales, and my next most sold has 15 sales (and the third next - only 6 sales). Here it is:

43/15 sales
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Posted: 1 minute ago
I'm affrais there are not too many portfolios with such a clear leader.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
I only have a difference of 4 dls between my best seller and 2nd best seller and only 10 dls between my 1st and 3rd. I had never really taken any notice before and didn't expect it to be so close.
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Edited: 1 minute ago
 Photo realistic planet Earth isolated - PNG 

Approved On: 04/28/2012 / Sales: 29 / Total revenue:$103.16
Posted: 11/14/2012, 05:49:55 AM
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It has 94 sales and brought me 344.90$ so far.
My next picture has only 34 downloads :)
Posted: 11/14/2012, 07:39:19 AM
Thanks for the contributions! Have fun analysing the posted photos, trying to figure out what put them so much aside from the rest of the owner's photos.

BTW, it is interesting that one of these special photos is in the Editorial category. I don't know much about editorial photos - I didn't realize that (a) you can post all kind of copyrighted stuff there (in the past, I just abandoned those photos which were submitted to Commercial category and then rejected because of logos/labels, and it would be too much work to remove them; I should have submitted them to Editorial instead!), and (b) they can sell so well.

I have a question: will it be more fun if we relaxed a bit the criterion: say, instead of twice more of the sales, how about 1.5x more of the sales? That should surely let more great photos be posted here. I can update my original post to reflect the change.
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Edited: 11/14/2012, 09:00:56 AM
95 sales - Military ReUnion, the emotion of father and son hugging:
   Military Family Deployment Reunion   

My next best image has 19. That means my top seller is not only double, but 5x the amount of sales.

(note, I have one with over 100 but it was an assignment photo so not really that many)
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Posted: 1 minute ago
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My "bestseller" has 25 sales
the next has only 6 sales
Posted: 11/15/2012, 05:08:04 AM
Not sure if this is what you want.
This has 7 sales and all the rest have zero sales (from a port with 7 pics)

 A  small  town  soccer  field 
Nikon D3000
Posted: 11/15/2012, 06:42:53 AM
7 to zero ratio? That's infinitely larger number of sales, so definitely belongs here! :)

Seriously, from purely statistical point, only people with small to medium size portfolios can end up being in this thread. When portfolio is large (thousands), my guess is that it's extremely unlikely to have such a deviation from the rest of the photos.

So one might consider this thread mostly a showcase for beginners who managed to produce a single very successful photo - and that's good, beginners can learn something from each other.
10-20mm f4-5.6, home photo studio...
Posted: 11/15/2012, 07:23:33 AM