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Editorial images could get more traffic and sell faster

Posted: 11/23/2012, 13:31:29 PM
I agree, this is one of my latest and today sold with its very first view :)

   Vietnam busy street traffic   

I guess timeless images will have a longer life than say a release of a certain phone where the demand will die off as it becomes old. i enjoy trying to capture everyday life and hope I will be around long enough that the images become vintage and a record of history :) Sort of more exciting than photographing isolated tomatoes or smiling girls in bikinis :)
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Posted: 11/23/2012, 15:19:37 PM
I like your picture. I like travel type pictures more too. It is like documentary. A picture is a story. You remind me my temporary forgotten aspect. Thank you!
Posted: 11/23/2012, 15:28:02 PM
I have a suspicion why some editorial images sell better than expected. Some designers maybe smaller businesses are just using them as RF. Especially in cases where a person is not clearly recognisable. DT and the the other stock agencies are very strict with model releases, and logos but if there is a picture showing a persons back or some far away logos, the chances that somebody will sue is close to zero.
Posted: 11/24/2012, 02:03:13 AM
I have mostly travel editorials and some of them sell quite well, though I can not say that it happens quickly. This one has 7 sales, but I uploaded it almost 2 years ago...
Posted: 11/25/2012, 10:13:05 AM
I have mostly travel editorials and some of them sell quite well, though I can not say that it happens quickly. This one has 7 sales, but I uploaded it almost 2 years ago...
Posted: 11/25/2012, 10:13:32 AM
Some subjects sell a little faster. I think because buyers are mostly from North America and Europe, the subjects they talk about more sell faster. Such as technology and investments. I think that is why your travel pictures don't sell fast. They are more specific. I could tell your older images were about India mainly. They don't talk about India that often.
Posted: 11/25/2012, 10:43:52 AM
Interesting.I didn't know that so thanks for sharing :)
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Posted: 11/25/2012, 11:40:11 AM
Editorial pictures sale really well indeed. The single problem that I see with them is the fact that the buyers get them usually as a subscription, so there are small royalties for each sale....but that is ok :)
Posted: 11/25/2012, 14:42:14 PM
About subscription sales, it is interesting that I have half credit sales and half subscription. But I've been selling images for only 3 months and had only 10 sales. Everything I said was just my personal research. Thank you for all your moments. You are helping me a lot.
Posted: 11/25/2012, 21:08:18 PM
I have a lot of editorial images as well. And indeed I got a lot of sales in the beginning and also till now images are sold. However, I think that RF images will sell better eventually. But the trick is to make GOOD high quality RF images, and that is sometimes quite difficult. By this I mean, to make good images RF images that have high sales potential. Editorial images often are a bit 'snapshot-like' where there is not too much attention spend on the composition. With RF images you really can show your skills, it has more to do with real photography.

However editorial images can certainly be succesfull. But this is also dependable on the spot where the image is taken. Years ago I shot an image at the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I recognized that this image mostly sold on times when there was something happening. Once all three image of the Erasmus Bridge were sold in one day - I googled a bit - and found out that an accident had took place. So my image were newsworthy at that time....

Interesting post!!

[imgl]9877352[/imgl] [imgl]9877329[/imgl] [imgl]9877306[/imgl]
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Posted: 11/26/2012, 00:31:35 AM
I agree with you that RF images could last longer. I think a lot of editorial images with people inside look like snapshots not because buyers don't need high quality of editorial images, it is because it is even harder to catch the moments and make good compositions at the same time. The editorial images that have very good compositions can last longer and they reach more buyers who need higher quality images.
Posted: 11/26/2012, 00:51:24 AM
ABout 50% of my sales are editorial images, and they sell for 1 or up to 15 credits. So they work very well for me.
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Posted: 11/26/2012, 17:02:21 PM
Thank you for letting me know. Now I have more confidence with editorial images.
Posted: 11/26/2012, 17:18:40 PM