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Popular this week: Halloween image? Really?

Is the "popular this week" a working feature of this site? It always is the same images for me.
lens. Alien bees studio lights....
Posted: 12/04/2012, 11:05:37 AM
Nope, I see something else, a barbed pencil.
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Posted: 12/04/2012, 11:53:29 AM
I see this:

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Posted: 12/04/2012, 12:38:01 PM
I always get the same images!
lens. Alien bees studio lights....
Posted: 12/05/2012, 16:25:40 PM
When logged in, I currently have the Halloween image as well:


However, when logged out, I currently have this one:

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Edited: 12/05/2012, 21:40:14 PM