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Can the company I work for buy my images off of DT?

Can the company I work for buy my images off of DT? I work at an ad agency and there may be an instance in the future where one of my images would work for a project. I'm sure some of you are thinking, hey, just sell it to them myself for more than I'd get on DT. But if my company could buy it at DT for a great price, that's what they would want to do!! Not buy it from me at a higher price. My guess would be, yes my company could purchase my images on DT because if I'm just working there, it's not really considered a purchase by me. Right?

Thanks for helping me find the answer to this question!
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Posted: 12/06/2012, 21:54:41 PM
Maybe your company need to justify some expenses :)
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Posted: 12/07/2012, 00:50:32 AM
Yes, the company you work for can theoretically buy a license for your images from Dreamstime. The purchase must be made from the company account as I assume they would want a license proof and an invoice for the purchase made. it would seem natural they would buy the image directly from you but it is up to them.

Posted: 12/07/2012, 03:13:28 AM
Thanks for the response, Tangie! My company does have a business account with DT that I and others in the company have been using for years. I just didn't want DT to have a problem with the same IP address being used for a purchase from DT AND for me checking my stats on my photographer account since I check my stats at work all the time. But, yes, it is separate accounts. There's no plans for my company to buy one of my images right now, but you never know!! Thanks again and kindest regards, Mike.
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Posted: 12/07/2012, 06:46:05 AM