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New to Dreamstime!

Hello to everyone. I'm a new member and looking forward to being active in the community! I uploaded some images to test how DT wants their items submitted and have a good approval ratio so far. Have a great day!
Canon 60D EF 15-85mm
Edited: 12/08/2012, 10:00:59 AM
Nice Pics! Welcome to DT!
Nikon Equipment, Nikon Lenses, Professional Photo Software
Posted: 12/07/2012, 19:13:23 PM
Hey congratulations on joining DT!! All the best to you. :)
DG OS HSM, Canon EF 24-70mm f / 2.8L II USM, Canon EF 24-105mm f / 4...
Posted: 12/08/2012, 06:34:37 AM
Hello, welcome to Dreamstime. Good luck with your uploads, and future sales.
IS, Cannon 70-200, Canon 100-400 IS. Giotto tripod....
Posted: 12/08/2012, 09:21:20 AM
Very nice images, keep up the good work. Welcome aboard.
Nikon D7000, Nikon and Tokina lens, iMac, CS5
Posted: 12/08/2012, 10:23:16 AM
Hi there and welcome to our wonderful world of stock!! Enjoy it and good luck!
f3.5-5.6 Sigma 17-50 f2.8 Sigma 17-70 f4-5.6 Sigma 30 f1.4 ART Si...
Posted: 12/08/2012, 14:28:05 PM
Hello and best of luck for many future sales!
Nikon, Adobe and Macintosh
Posted: 12/09/2012, 06:52:31 AM
Welcome to Dreamstime, you have a nice photo keep uploading.
Wish you have a many sales soon.
Nikon D90, Nikor 16-85 VR, Nikor 80-200 AFD, Nikor 50 f/1.8
Posted: 12/09/2012, 18:48:00 PM
Welcome to DT.
Enjoy and wishing you lots of sales!
Posted: 12/10/2012, 04:44:35 AM

Welcome to DT!

Best of wishes,

Canon bodies & lenses
Posted: 12/10/2012, 07:47:50 AM
Thank you for the wonderful welcome! Looking forward to interacting with alot of great artists !
Canon 60D EF 15-85mm
Posted: 12/10/2012, 18:47:42 PM