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Plans, projects and sugestions for 2013

Hi everyone.

- First of all i want to wish you all a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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- So, in this sweet seasonal time of year we normally think on our work and future projects. Share with community your project and ideas and/ro make your own evaluation of 2012 .
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- For me 2012 was my first year in stock industry. The economic problem that we live in Portugal, the desire for new markets experience, and the need to learn more and explore concepts bring me to microstock and to Dreamstime powerful community.

With 2 months in DT and in others stock companies i have very few sales, but i´m starting now. I am uploading the best images i had in my portfolio and i got to say that most are not suitable for stock or was not been made to this purpose . Others , in my old portfolio, when i work for companies are suitable and i aftar 2 months i got some sales, not much , but i can´t complain for my start. I just sell some files in all agencies i choose to submit.

My 2013 projects .... well i will try to get images based on real live situations. Stock is satured, but live changes every day. I will try to get contracts with companies (today i got a pharmacy) that allow me to take pictures from their old and vintage objects used to work and made medicals products, and athey allow me too photograph their real workers in real work life ambient. Real people in real new 2013 concept for stock . I want to take more editorial files too based on this concept .I real awant to spend more time shooting and less time in my public store.
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I realize stock agencies are selling less these days. Maybe this economy problem turn designers and companies to their old files staked in hard drive or maybe the free section files could have some bad impact on sales. What i´d like to see in stock agencies, well , i suggest the end of "free sections" files and the criation of "low cost files" with better subscriptions plans instead. Buyer could get some of good images that are in free section in a based sub plan like $16 for 100 images (plans only for low cost stock)....was $0,16 for file, very cheap and better that free. Off course , files must to get some better for seller, don´t make hard times for buyer , is more professional.....not free....In files revision DT could separate files for main collection or low cost collection and will get two kinds of market and clients...Just a Newbie idea.
I really pay, and anyone pay 0,16 cents for this files file, but they are free ..... 50% commission was a good value for both parts like $0,08 each....
Another market option:
Printable products and good´s . I think there is a very good market here. Imagine DT do a partnership with a lab (not other site, but a real lab) like Bayphoto or other. We can sell products prints direct to customer and we don´t need to see our files spread on the net in pins sites....We can sell wallets, key rings and other products to large companies in bulk or individual goods.

advantages for seller: Don´t have all the necessary work, have all DT image base of images, don´t need to buy expensive equipment.

Our advantage: We don´t sell a file one time...we sell it in bulk prints....Even we receive the same commission the file stays always here and you known how much prints it do.

OK...just my few bucks ideas, my contribution for 2013..... feel free to comment.

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PS: The images i use to describe my text were made by another contributors , they are not my images. I think the owners don´t mind with that , my objective is to promote and share others work and share the Christmas spirit.

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Great post BRmonico! The picture of the senior couple sitting in front of their RV is mine, and I am happy to have it used in your excellent post.

After 8 years in stock, my goals are a bit different. I find that all work and no play makes Lisa a dull girl (photographer), so I am going to start a few non-stock related projects. I love doing portraits and plan to volunteer at my church taking photos of the elderly members so their families can have some recent mementos of them.

I have always volunteered taking photos at my church, and over the past several years, when older members have passed, their families have been approaching me to use my pictures of them at the memorial services. So many times I have heard how precious these late life portraits are to the families. It seemed like a good idea for a volunteer project. Something worthwhile to do.

Of course I will also keep working on coming up with good stock. Gotta pay the bills too. But I am so grateful that stock has given provided extra income, so I can afford to pursue this labor of love :)
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Posted: 12/13/2012, 09:33:34 AM
Hi Bruno, I agree, I'de also like to see an end to the free section. I have 2 now but used to have a bit more, but I disabled them after reading a request in the suggestions thread awhile back from someone who didnt seem to ever plan to buy, just wanted everything free(not important now but turned my stomach). I think they do lead to an occasional sale, but most just want something for free.
Bravo to you Lisa! What a kind thing to do, much success to you
Posted: 12/13/2012, 23:00:57 PM
Hi people, i´m glad to see comments here. I just think no one wants to share the secret projects :)) .

- Hope DT don´t put my files n the dark room because my opinion on free section. ;)) well is not about DT at all is about all agencies who do it. I agree or don´t mind that once a week appear a free image to call buyers and visits to someone, but having a big base of free images (and good one´s like DT) i think in not good. At least a symbolic price or a special and cheap Sub plan. I think a good choice of images to a special sub plan will attract many and good buyers and free section don´t do it .

- Just to remember i really like DT.

I think for example no one´s mind if image after 6 months passed to level 0, it can passed to cheap plans after 1 year and return to high levels after some sales in cheap section. I think it will bring new buyers, new ways to sell. As a buyers i don´t believe someone mind´s to pay the $16 for 100 licenses .... their are thousands of great free images here and bring another motivation for seller too .
In that way DT can face against another big subs agencies as well. Sorry if my idea don´t have any purpose, i´m newbie in just an idea!

Lisafx, i´m glad you like my post . I love your work. You have great images. Maybe some day i´m able to have something close to that in my own style.
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