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Suggestions for "Unofficial" Featured Collections

Over the past few years many people have suggested that Dreamstime periodically feature high quality collections. (For those are curious, here are links to several threads regarding this request: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

While we wait (and hope) for DT to add this feature, let's start our own. Starting in 2013, I plan on periodically writing a blog that will point to a Dreamstime collection that I feel is worthy of featuring. Some of the criteria I plan on using are: theme cohesiveness, image quality, diversity of contributors, & collection maintenance. If you have suggestions for additional criteria to consider, please post it below.

I'm open to suggestions for collections to feature. If you want to suggest one (or more), be sure to include a few sentences telling why you think the collection is especially good.

The downside to doing this ourselves instead of having it promoted by DT is lack of visibility. Many more buyers are likely to see a "Featured Collection" area on the main part of the site than they are on the blogs area. To help with this, would you consider posting links to the current featured collection when new ones are selected? I'll be interested in hearing your feedback on this idea.

Posted: 12/16/2012, 22:25:12 PM
But if you do write an interesting and great blog, it appears on the main page (after logging in). They put three blog posts there. So it would give some extra exposure anyway.

You could post collections regarding specific events. Like Christmas and New Year, etc. That would attract potential buyers more maybe?
I think the images on the main Dreamstime page (on the homepage when you're not logged in) should be changed more frequently and also show new content that is good but hasn't been sold yet. Most featured photos are sold many times over and are quite old.
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Posted: 12/17/2012, 00:52:34 AM
That is a great idea. The criteria is fair, but most of the photos here are quality images, it seems hard do have a collection with bad quality photos. I'm in for it.
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Posted: 12/17/2012, 03:07:34 AM
I like the idea very much! Looking forward to see how it works!
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Posted: 12/17/2012, 04:24:22 AM
Enigmacypher, I like how you are always the pioneer of such new things and how you realize them. I can give you a hand by my comments and "useful" clicks to keep the blog on the first line and main page! :) good luck
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Edited: 12/17/2012, 05:50:39 AM
Very good initiative and a excellent idea to .
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Posted: 12/17/2012, 04:55:07 AM
Well you know I'm a supporter of your suggestion as I've commented on several of the links you included in your post!

I do think collections are a great resource for buyers that could be better managed and promoted by DT.

I'd be happy for you to feature any of the collections I manage - the majority of which contain images from lots of contributors. I also usually add the date to the collection description when I last updated each collection.
Posted: 12/17/2012, 05:57:02 AM
The first Unofficial Featured Collection has been selected! Please visit the blog to see the writeup. To kick it off, I selected Photographers with Cameras maintained by Melonstone. It seems appropriate that our first featured collection shows photographers at work. You'll find some great photographs and illustrations in this collection.

If you like what you see, please share the blog with others in your social network. If you have feedback about the Unofficial Featured Collection project, please leave it here.

Posted: 01/06/2013, 22:33:19 PM
My suggestions:



Good idea, DT should implement this :-)

for the fun)...
Posted: 01/07/2013, 08:42:14 AM
Thanks everyone for the feedback and encouragement. Keep the ideas and suggestions coming. I'm continually looking at collections and have bookmarked many potentials to feature in the future. Some meet all the criteria I'm looking for, and others are close but not quite there yet. For example, some older collections have great a great theme and variety of contributors, but nothing has been added (or removed) in a very long time. Some newer ones hold great promise, but haven't been around long enough to see how well they will be managed. There are a LOT of collections here. I hope that this project will help us all see some images we've not seen before and showcase a bit more of what Dreamstime has to offer.

Thanks also for the offers to share the featured collection with those in your social network. The more exposure we can bring to this, the better it will be for all of us. Who knows? Maybe we'll bring some new customers to DT through this. (And perhaps.... if enough people like this idea, DT will eventually add an OFFICIAL featured collection area.)
Posted: 01/09/2013, 10:29:32 AM
Great collection Enigmacypher, I am constantly putting out collections, but only of my images, that I link on the posts I am doing in the social media, it seems to be working, but you will never know because I have no tool to show if the sales are coming from there or not.

I added the link to your collection in my post about the Photographer´s Day
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Posted: 01/09/2013, 13:26:21 PM
Thanks for sharing the link! All kudos for the collection should go to Melonstone for maintaining it and to the contributors who created the images.

Where did you find out about Photographer's Day? I'm not finding much else about it on the 'Net.
Posted: 01/09/2013, 14:06:32 PM
Cristalloid, thanks for the suggestions. I've looked at both and marked them as ones to monitor. Both currently have great cohesive themes and a good variety of contributors, but neither yet have enough images. Keep adding more, but as you do continue to maintain a high level of selectivity. Also watch and make sure that all images match your theme. It looks like you have a couple of images in the Panoramas collection that do not have panoramic dimensions.
Posted: 01/17/2013, 14:31:54 PM
The newest Unofficial Featured Collection has been selected. Please check out Glinn's "Orange and Green" collection: Unofficial Featured Collection #2.
Posted: 01/31/2013, 16:25:16 PM
The newest Unofficial Featured Collection has been selection. Please check out Mrswan's "Valentine Frames" collection: Unofficial Featured Collection #3.

If you like what you see, leave comments for Mrswan and the image creators in the comments area, and share the collection with others in your social network. Thanks!
Posted: 02/10/2013, 23:26:23 PM
good idea, I have many popular collections on here. this one hidden italy and homes and houses around the world are most popular check them out D


Edited: 02/11/2013, 17:37:42 PM
The fourth Unofficial Featured Collection has been selected. Please take a look at Eliane Haykal's collection: Unofficial Featured Collection #4.

As always, you are encouraged to share the collection with others in your social network. Perhaps a new customer will find a useful image and will decide to stay awhile at Dreamstime.
Posted: 03/25/2013, 16:03:42 PM