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Do editorial photos sell? And at what ratio to commercial?

New article posted: Do editorial photos sell? And at what ratio to commercial?
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Posted: 12/19/2012, 10:06:12 AM
Most of my sales have been of editorial photos.
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Posted: 12/19/2012, 10:13:28 AM
All good photo's sell with the right concept associated to them. A good editorial out sells a bad RF shot and vice versa.
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Posted: 12/19/2012, 10:14:04 AM
I have quite a few editorial salesl

Depending on the material.

RF Wedding pics will outsell EDitorial wedding pics, ules of someone famos.. You may not editorial wedding images approved.
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Posted: 12/19/2012, 10:31:34 AM
Many of my sales are editorials... They workk very well for me.
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Posted: 12/19/2012, 12:57:39 PM
Posted: 12/19/2012, 15:18:10 PM
Yes editorial shots of a pantomime for example which have just been approved can be viewed in my portfolio.
Classic car rallies, agricultural shows, castles cruise ships etc offer tremendous potential. David
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Posted: 12/20/2012, 13:07:29 PM
2% of my shots are editorial, and they have earned about 2% of my total income. So for me they sell, but no better or worse than anything else I produce :)
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Posted: 12/20/2012, 13:32:24 PM
Thanks all for the advise. I'm going to go through lots of CDs to pick out the shots I should submit to DT for editorial. And, Davidwatmough, I seem to be the only photographer on DT that is not on your "favorite" list! Inverness, I remember it still! ( great single malt and smoked salmon ).
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Posted: 12/20/2012, 14:57:11 PM
Almost all my photos are editiorial, and thety they sell well. It always depends on the subject and what perspective you shoot from. Look at wat other people have of the same place and decide if its worth it or not. Good luck!
Posted: 12/20/2012, 20:29:27 PM
My best selling image is an editorial shot.
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Posted: 12/21/2012, 06:39:49 AM
As with Peanutroaster, my best selling image is also an editorial one.
Posted: 12/21/2012, 08:17:28 AM
I have uploaded many images at editorial licence as I like taking pictures of events and interesting people. Now, over half of my portfolio is composed of editorial pictures. Surprisingly enough, I have some downloads of those images. Most of downloads, however, are without any keywords searched for, and this is puzzling me. To answer your question, editorial images are in demand and are worth uploading.
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Posted: 09/09/2014, 23:20:27 PM