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Hi Clarsen55, please make more illustrations about pets and kids. you only have the one with the four images and they are gorgeous! need lots more!
Posted: 12/27/2012, 06:28:20 AM
If you want to send a message to Clarsen55 (or any other contributor), please click on any of her images, then go to Tools tab and you'll find the area where you can send a comment.

That's the fastest way to communicate with a contributor.

Also, you can submit a request to our Photo & illustration requests section.

Posted: 12/27/2012, 07:42:09 AM
Hi Sheli21...
I just happened to notice my name in the message boards...glad you like my pets and kids art, I really love creating those images. Are there some specific pets or themes you would like to see? I'm always interested in adding to a successful series.
Posted: 12/27/2012, 09:09:33 AM