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Using Instagram? ... then keep your eye on this!

Another interesting "try" to break copyright for images used online. This time it is popular "Instagram" who is trying to take advantage of its users and changing their terms and conditions with an approach to be able to sell images of its users without any payment to the user itself.

Read here for yourself

Although, the latest announcement by Instagram representatives is, that they will revise the wording, which had brought up its users to revolt, I have to say, its incredible, how easily are terms and conditions changed nowadays......
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Well, the most dangerous line I've ever read online is "These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice."
For me it translates to "By joining this site you agree to sit on a time bomb set to go off at any random hour."

None of us really reads the terms and conditions because they have all those irritating legal phrases and they are LONG. So we just look for that "I agree" and it's over. But is it? Maybe it is easy for those who are uploading away 0.3 MP mobile snapshots every day, but certainly not right for us. Suppose you upload a 320 X 240 sized photo without a watermark, that makes it eligible to be used in a Nokia S40 phone's wallpaper/theme. Before you know, more than a million people would have it on their phones. Disaster.

I observed another thing here. Most newbies don't tend to read the agreement/terms of this site and don't visit the FAQ section either before uploading or posting in this forum. Scares me! It is not a good idea at all. I hope Dreamstime mentions it in red, block letters here and there so that newbies are "threatened" to read the terms first.
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