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Problems updating keywords on my images


I'm trying to update the keywords on my images. After pasting in the new keywords list, I click "submit" at the bottom. Instead of updating or refreshing the page, the keywords box simply resets itself. Example of an image that this problem is occurring on: 27702840. I've restarted my browsers, chrome/safari.

Any ideas about what's going on!?
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Edited: 01/10/2013, 12:10:28 PM
Try not copying and pasting and type them in only using spaces between words.
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Posted: 01/10/2013, 13:03:56 PM
I just updated my keywords on Firefox. No problems at all.

Try typing the keywords and see if it works. Don't paste anything.
And what do you use to separate keywords? Just use space. It works.
Like: white furry cat
is the same as
white, furry, cat
But if you're using some other form maybe it is causing trouble?

And check the other fields. If you leave some other thing incomplete this might happen.
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Posted: 01/10/2013, 13:07:25 PM
So I've been doing some more work, and I've noticed it's only THIS image that won't let me update keywords.

So there's something stuck in the database somewhere :(
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Posted: 01/10/2013, 13:31:10 PM
there was a system glitch I think the other day as well....some of us couldn't edit titles on the images...take the image ID and contact support so they can check it out.
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Posted: 01/10/2013, 14:01:28 PM
I still can't edit the titles of all my images and I don't know why.

If you can't modify the keywords, the reasons could be:
1) a system error: contact support;
2) an image reported for irrilevant keyword: in this case there's a sentence near the keywords box "This image has been rightfully reported as having bad keywords and an editor approved the needed corrections. At this time you can add more keywords only through the key-mentoring system."
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Posted: 01/11/2013, 02:04:59 AM
@Roberto1977: We have made an official announcement in this thread about the title editing issue.

We apologize for the delay in addressing this question. We are aware you are worried but this is not a policy we intend to implement for the time being.

We are running some tests and hope for some technical improvements. Old images are affected by this change so you can edit the title of very recently approved files. Until we change this, you can send all he modifications to support. Include the image ID numbers and the new title and we will make the changes for you.

Thank you for understanding and this topic is closed until we have an update. We're always happy to assist you by email should you have questions or require title changes by email.

@Stephenkirsh: The image you mention above is not blocked and has not been reported for irrelevant info. The editing rights are active so you should be able to update the keywords. I recommend you contact support and send the keywords you want updated. We will run some tests from our end and see what happens exactly.
Posted: 01/11/2013, 02:54:27 AM
@Tangie: I had not noticed your answer. Thank you.
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Posted: 01/11/2013, 04:11:41 AM