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No sales in this 2013?

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New article posted: No sales in this 2013?
Inkscape, gimp and other softwares
Posted: 01/11/2013, 17:34:16 PM
I've only had 2 so far on Dreamstime. Slow month so far.
Canon T2i, XT and a variety of lenses.
Posted: 01/11/2013, 19:19:16 PM
Me too. Only 2 so far. Seems everyone is still having holiday mood.
Canon EOS 7D, Canon EOS 450D, EF-S 15-85. EF-S 18-200, Canon S5IS,
Posted: 01/11/2013, 23:26:42 PM
I had 9 sales. Mostly subscription sales. It is like a sweatshop.
Posted: 01/12/2013, 00:41:49 AM

Originally posted by Henrymm:
Quoted Message: Me too. Only 2 so far. Seems everyone is still having holiday mood.

Me to
N(Nano Crystal) /AF-S 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G IF ED VR /MSI ...
Posted: 01/12/2013, 02:37:51 AM
Do not worry that sales will come! A greeting!
900 --- Photoshop---Illustrator --- - ...
Posted: 01/12/2013, 09:36:43 AM
Good things never come easy!!!Be patient my friend:)
Canon EOS 600D,EFS 18-55mm,Macro 0.25m/0.8ft Nikon J1 10-30mm,Micro 0...
Posted: 01/12/2013, 09:54:24 AM
me too
Canon PowerShot S95, Nikon D7000 AF-S DX 18-105 f/3.5-5.6G ED VR
Posted: 01/12/2013, 11:53:06 AM
3 sales so far....2 credit and 1 sub....is a slow start this month
f3.5-5.6 Sigma 17-50 f2.8 Sigma 17-70 f4-5.6 Sigma 30 f1.4 ART Si...
Posted: 01/12/2013, 12:38:54 PM
A very slow start! We have to hope in some better in the coming days!
Inkscape, gimp and other softwares
Posted: 01/12/2013, 14:24:39 PM
Don´t worry, keep working and the sales will come!
equipment- Visatec Solo Three Monolight Kit, Speedlight-Nikon SB-800,...
Posted: 01/12/2013, 15:28:35 PM
this is true! I'm creating new images and I show the ones online through facebook and other social networks, but at the moment no results :(
Inkscape, gimp and other softwares
Posted: 01/12/2013, 15:37:09 PM
No need to be worried. Keep thinking about concept and upload pictures. Sales will come. Let the designer recover from their festivalssssss!
Inspirations and opportunities ...
Posted: 01/12/2013, 15:59:19 PM
Thank you ;)
Inkscape, gimp and other softwares
Posted: 01/12/2013, 16:39:53 PM
Up to now I only have one 0.4 sales, here (DT) sales really sad!
Olympus E-3, lens 12-60, 50-200, 50 / F2.
Posted: 01/13/2013, 03:14:52 AM
Just 1 sale for me :(
Nikon 3100
Posted: 01/13/2013, 04:08:22 AM
From January first I had only 3 sales with 2 subscriptions, but I uploaded many images, and I hope many other sales will arrive before end of january.
Mirrorless Fujifilm X-T10 Gimp 2.6 Adobe Photoshop
Posted: 01/13/2013, 04:59:23 AM
Ah....uhm.....it's not good read things like these :(
Inkscape, gimp and other softwares
Posted: 01/13/2013, 06:05:07 AM
Wish you goodluck in nearly.
Nikon D90, Nikor 16-85 VR, Nikor 80-200 AFD, Nikor 50 f/1.8
Posted: 01/14/2013, 04:43:13 AM
yes, for me zero sales since January 1st...

have a look at my blog


it is absolutely sad... DT isn't what it used to be anymore...
for the fun)...
Posted: 01/14/2013, 06:26:43 AM
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