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Hi all, of course im new or renewed?

Hi everyone out there in DT land, as my title states im new or renewed it means that i joined some while back had a photo acceted then just sort of drifted away, i had just purchased my d3100 then and was learning how to handle it, now after more than two years with it i feel my work has improved a little and will start to upload some more photos with the hope one day i can make sales like you. anyway glad to be back and hope to learn more with you guys and gals; Tones
Posted: 1 minute ago
Welcome back. I pretty much just started here myself. Just don't give up and just keep uploading, it takes time and everyone gets rejections. However, use the rejections to learn and just keep going. Good luck, I wish you the best.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Thank you for the welcome Suyerry
Posted: 1 minute ago
Welcome back and good luck with the uploads....you will get rejections but the nice thing is learning from them.
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Posted: 01/16/2013, 02:10:32 AM
Thank for the encouragement Miraclemoments
Posted: 01/16/2013, 07:18:56 AM
Welcome and good luck :) but you will need some more photos for sure :)
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Posted: 01/23/2013, 02:22:34 AM
Hi, welcome back and good luck.
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Posted: 01/24/2013, 03:11:38 AM
Welcome to Dreamstime, Tonesphotos.
Wish you have a many new photo soon.
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Posted: 01/24/2013, 08:09:39 AM
welcome back to dt. good luck and many sales.
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Posted: 01/26/2013, 11:40:26 AM