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Critique and help please

Hello and I wonder whether I can get some feedback, please?

I am now taking my stock more and more seriously, and looking to eventually move away from the day job. I have 125 images in my gallery and it is slowly growing. However, I would be really grateful for some feedback on the gallery. I am not asking for my ego to massaged, instead I would like to know whether I am going in the right direction, and what sort of images I should be concentrating on. My sales seem to be one or two per couple weeks, however, I want to be in the position like some people to have regular daily sales.

I am happy for all constructive feedback received.

I thanks you in advance


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Posted: 01/16/2013, 15:20:48 PM
One comment: You need to understand the STOCK INDUSTRY in greater depth. Translation: Work on developing stronger CONCEPTS.

For example, you have a number of models but for the most part they are portraits. Well executed, but they are still portraits and have low sales potential.

"Toddler Cooking" are more conceptual but I don't think there is a huge demand for small children cooking. Those images also appear to be a bit spontaneous, the lighting and composition are a few notches below your other work where you exerted more thought and control in their creation. It's not like toddlers cooperate but I'm sure you learned a few things during the shoot and will think of how to improve given that type of situation.

If you're serious about moving away from your day job then you need to upload, learn, upload, improve, upload...
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Posted: 01/16/2013, 18:38:52 PM
Don't quit the day job until your stock portfolio pulls in more than your day job including health benefits.
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Posted: 01/17/2013, 10:47:14 AM
Guys thanks for the feedback. And Peanutroaster, I won't be leaving the day job just yet. Am not the one to take those sort of risks!

Wisonsinart - I am very keen to learn, especially from mistakes and from those who are experienced in this field.

Once again thanks for taking the time out to provide the feedback and advice.

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Posted: 01/17/2013, 12:11:03 PM
Hi Nw10photography, I cant help you much with your portfolio because your style is way too diferent than mine, but maybe I can give you some opinions on the business side.

First, listen to Wisconsinart, is the first step for success in the Stock Market... Concepts.

Second, that´s an opinion I know a lot of people don´t share, but its mine opinion. Build your brand. Work in order to get known, so, forget about Nw10photography, use your name and spread it all over the internet, so people will look for your work.

I think that´s the only way to have a steady income, and get over the millions of images on the microstock databases. When you become a "cellebrity" you can sell microstock, RM, maybe even directly on your website and other photography related stuff, books, training, whatever you feel like.

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Posted: 01/17/2013, 14:25:14 PM
As Wisconsinart said, it is industry and it is good to know its specifics. My recommendation is think about every your photo as a potential buyer. It helps during preparation photos, taking photos, retouching and keywording. If you know for whom your every image is, you are on the right way.

And if photo is not for only one person on globe, but for thousands it is better. Microstock industry is about sales in a large quantity. My recommendation is think about your images, how they could be useful in a variety of cases. If there is any chance how to increase variety of use any photo you anytime prepare, do it.
Edited: 01/17/2013, 16:34:48 PM
I will be researching the above advice given re concepts etc this weekend and start to move away from just taking an image without really thinking its end use as a stock image.
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Posted: 01/18/2013, 09:01:12 AM
Short suggestion from me.

- Create more isolated images on white
- Do not crop your portraits, it will decrease the usage potential
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Posted: 01/23/2013, 06:23:10 AM

Originally posted by Parkinsonsniper:
Quoted Message: Short suggestion from me.- Create more isolated images on white- Do not crop your portraits, it will decrease the usage potential

That's appreciated. Now that you mention it I do not have many isolated images. So that is something that I will be concentrating on.

I appreciate you taking the time out to give me that advice.

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Posted: 01/24/2013, 03:57:34 AM