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Current Google Controversy

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New article posted: Current Google Controversy
Posted: 01/18/2013, 15:28:10 PM
“Controversy” seems a too weak word to me.
With ******** Images/******** saying that they are planning more of these type of “deals” in the future!
Where will this end when they are not stopped?

This way ******** Images has placed a bomb under the whole stock industry. Macro- as well as microstock.
Everyone will perhaps be affected in the near future when they don’t stop this mess. Stockagencies as well as contributors.
Every image from your portfolio added to this ‘public domain Google collection’ has become worthless.

There are images on the list from Yuri Arcurs, Andresr, Monkeybusiness and many other well known contributors. Macro- as well as Microstock. All high quality and added from different agencies. You can find links to the list on the MSG forum and see for yourself.

And the worst of all will perhaps be the fact that everyone now totally has loose controll about how these images are being used or manipulated. No model release will help here. Exclusive photographers thinking in the past that they freely could submit images of their children expecting ********/******** would protect these images against misuse! How disappointed must they feel now!
Posted: 01/18/2013, 17:07:44 PM
The stars mean GI/IS. You can replaces the name of the agencies here. Sorry didn't think about that DT would remove the names!
Posted: 01/18/2013, 17:10:24 PM

Originally posted by Colette6:
Quoted Message:
"There are images on the list from Yuri Arcurs, Andresr, Monkeybusiness and many other well known contributors. Macro- as well as Microstock. All high quality and added from different agencies."

Just to clarify - the different agencies these have come from are all part of the same larger agency (GI). At least, that is what I have read thus far.
Posted: 01/18/2013, 17:28:52 PM
Ok....So what is the solution? How can we (every) stock photographer fight this?
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Posted: 01/18/2013, 17:51:04 PM
Get the word out to any photographer you know who has images on GI (can be via other agencies such as B1end 1mages, 1mage 3ource or V2tock, as examples) or on TS - and the Hemera collection is the old SXP content as well as IS 2oonar and others.

Groundhog Day is D-Day (for deactivation day) - see MSG for more.

The images need to be kept out of GI's hands as once licensed, getting them back from Google may be hard
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Posted: 01/18/2013, 18:53:51 PM
Images seem to be from GI/IS/TS/Z/BI/JI/SXP/IMS/VS and so on!
And they gave away what they do not own: the copyright belongs to the photographer!
They only have the right to sell a license to use the image, not the rights of the image itself.
They don’t care at all.

There are no RM images in the deal, only RF afaik. And when you are exclusive to DT it will not affect you (for now).

When you are independent and they don’t make this thing right, there’s only one way to protect your images from this: removing them all from GI/IS/TS and all agencies that are bought by GI.

But I don’t think the actions of individual photographers will make a difference to their behaviour. They are too big and have shown in the past that they laugh about contributors and their protest. Perhaps over a longer period of time when every photographer is leaving slowly. Some photographers are bound by hands and feet for now. This slowly leaving is already happening over the past two years.

I have always said that it is difficult to build up a good name and when you loose it you never can get it back! That’t what GI is doing, but they don’t seem to care…

This deal on itself is a small loss for individual photographers. But when GI goes on to help Google build up an image collection this way, it is not difficult to see which way this will end…
The bigger this Google collection will grow, the bigger the losses for indidual contributors and all the other agencies. Some of these images seem to be already downloaded more then a million times.
Posted: 01/18/2013, 19:01:31 PM
I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) the images used by GI/IS for this Google Drive deal are only from contributors who are Exclusive to GI/IS.

Still, this deal making by the stock agencies has me concerned as I consider whether or not to go exclusive to any one agency. I think I'll hold off for now. Keep my eggs in multiple baskets.
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Posted: 01/18/2013, 19:23:14 PM
from what i've read in a 30+ page long thread on the subject, apparently images of non-exclusives were also part of the package.
Edited: 01/18/2013, 21:17:37 PM
Independent photographers, macro and micro, are caught up in the Google Drive giveaway. It was the Microsoft promotional deal (pretty bad, but not as bad) that was exclusives only.
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Posted: 01/18/2013, 21:20:11 PM
If non-exclusive images are part of this Google drive deal, and the images sold to Google are on other sites such as Dreamstime, I would think that Dreamstime would be very concerned that images in their collection are now floating around as free images. Who would buy those images from Dreamstime when you can shop the image for free? Plus GI/IS have hinted that they are considering more "Deals" in the future. This may have some far reaching consequences.
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Posted: 01/18/2013, 23:35:16 PM
very useful article, I did not know this until now. Thanks!
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Posted: 01/19/2013, 07:32:21 AM
Thanks for sharing, I didn't know this. What can we do?
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Posted: 01/20/2013, 16:58:38 PM
Thanks for sharing, I didn´t know about this!
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Posted: 01/20/2013, 19:20:30 PM
I have images with ******** through Flickr but only one on the Google drive so far. I feel sorry for the photographers who's children family or friends images have been uploaded to this drive where anyone can download a high res image for free (11800 images and counting). Many photographers from ******** (owned by ********) are jumping ship to other agencies. Feb 2nd is deactivation date. It will be interesting to see what happens. Other than that there is nothing anyone can do.
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Posted: 01/21/2013, 04:51:04 AM
if anyone would like to read more about this,. here is a wonderful site with a lot of great feedback! so glad im not on that site... dreamstime, you are doing a lot of right things! thank you********-hands-google-users-free-commercial-images-photographers-get-12/
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Posted: 01/21/2013, 21:48:00 PM
Susan, the URL was modified by DT since it contains the name of another stock agency. Try using TinyURL to convert it to a shorter URL that will not get edited. Thanks.
Posted: 01/21/2013, 23:19:22 PM
Thanks for the heads up on this!
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Posted: 01/22/2013, 07:51:06 AM
It looks like Google Drive now has over 12,000 stock images. If you have images uploaded with any site owned by GI, you may want to search for your username and see if any of your images are included. I have no idea who is maintaining this site: Google Drive Stock Images
Posted: 01/22/2013, 22:11:41 PM
It could make sense for DT to set up a kind of special welcoming program (or at least some kind of communication) for former IS exclusives, before other microstock sites take such an initiative .
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Posted: 01/24/2013, 04:19:43 AM
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