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Keywords ??

Hello All

Good news is that I got my first picture approved. However, if I type the exact picture title into the search box, the image does not come up at all. I didn't expect it to be at the top. But 199 similar images came up but it was not included in the mix.

I thought I keyworded it well but maybe not. Confused....

I would appreciate anyone's help to understand. Am I missing something ?


Posted: 01/28/2013, 15:15:27 PM
It takes some time for the image and keywords to be indexed by the server so wait a few days and try again. Lots of images and the database is not immediately refreshed after every acceptance.
Posted: 01/28/2013, 15:17:41 PM
Hello and welcome here!

When you'll see your photo in your portfolio (LINK), it means it is indexed and buyers can find it.

Best, Rob.
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Posted: 01/29/2013, 02:37:41 AM
Good tip Roberto1977
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Posted: 01/29/2013, 03:47:16 AM
Thanks for the helpful tips. I am just getting started and the learning curve has been pretty steep. The willingness of everyone to help has been great.

Thanks again
Posted: 01/29/2013, 10:22:18 AM
welcome to DT - best of luck on here

Posted: 01/29/2013, 15:19:52 PM
It takes time. I updated my keywords a while ago and only some of them are showing up on searches now (when I search on the newly added keywords).
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Posted: 02/03/2013, 11:22:23 AM