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How do I contact the person I've bought an image from?

It's a lovely pic of two glasses of white and red wine on a contrasting background of red and green grapes

I've had an email asking me to let the photographer know what I'm using it for (it's to go in a one-page newsletter for a club of about 60 people - it's a French exchange club, so the pic is very appropriate)

I'm not much of a techie, astounded I managed to download the image at all frankly. Grateful for replies
Posted: 01/30/2013, 04:59:36 AM
You can leave a message to the image you bought, on the image details page/tools tab/Send a comment:.It will reach the user and you will be able to see the reply in form of an unread comment in the user panel in right upper part of the screen.
300v (film), assorted lenses...
Posted: 01/30/2013, 05:32:56 AM