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So how was your January?

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Well this topic comes up every month so as I'm about I thought I would get the ball rolling.

Hoping to step it up some more for 2013 and learn some new things starting with illustrator :)
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Posted: 02/01/2013, 02:58:35 AM
Bad month...last 2-3 months are slow for me.

By the way, I started an illustrator and inkscape topic under the related part of the forum. So I appreciate if you share your found tuts and documents. I will share too :)
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Edited: 02/01/2013, 03:35:39 AM
January was a bad month in terms of sales but I uploaded a few more than usually, so alltogether I'm not that disappointed :)

Looking forward to seeing your illustrations! Best of luck
Edited: 02/01/2013, 04:01:12 AM
My stat's for Jan are 61 accepted images with an AR of 91%, 218 sales with an R.P.D of $2.71 = just under $600.00 and to add a little icing on the cake I finished yesterday with an Editors Choice :)

Here's to a great February, I'm guessing D-Day will bring in lots of new contributors, images and competition but this could also bring in lots of new buyers as DT hopefully moves up to new high ground :)

My editors choice :)

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180mm macro, Canon L 28-300, Canon L 24-70, 50mm prime f/1.4, 2 x Can...
Posted: 02/01/2013, 03:52:13 AM
January 2013 is a good month for me in terms of earnings but not that good in terms of AR ration. Why ? Because, I had 1/4 of my rejected picture due to the wrongly rejected copyrights issues. FYI, once rejected, your rejected counter increased and no way/body can alter it. Even if your pictures has been re-listed after your claims :)
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Posted: 02/01/2013, 03:56:00 AM
Then we can talk about January. At the beginning of the month, I saw a thread about this topic closed because somebody told that statistics must be done at the end of the mont. Well, the month is finished and now I can say that January and December have been the two worst months in about five years in DT. Sales have fallen in a surprising way.
(Joke mode on)
If I go to my statistics, the line of sales looks like an arrow that will impact on the ground.
Surely sales are frozen due to the cold winter. But soon comes the spring and probably sales.
(Joke mode off)
Regards and good luck to everybody.
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Posted: 02/01/2013, 03:59:23 AM
Congratulations for your sales BCritchley and Digikhmenr. I see it is not the same for all the people and thid keeps me quiet.
I use to work with first line Nikon equipment.
Posted: 02/01/2013, 04:02:21 AM
The first half of january was frozen, the second skyrocketed, so, mixed feelings...

Compared to last year´s I had 13.9% increase in sales.
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Posted: 02/01/2013, 04:05:38 AM
Come on Afagundes, care to share your sales, I would love to try and catch you up ;)@PS, cool, I have just seen, I'll update there with my finds and experiences, sooo much to learn before you can even draw anything, also need to teach myself some basics on drawing but I have books I bought a while back.
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Edited: 02/01/2013, 04:13:52 AM
Well done Brett-great stats and great editors choice. I only uploaded 15 which was a not good. I almost sold one a day, 30 which is good for me and a R.P.D of 2.55. This is the first time that when changing dollars to pounds I have made £50. A gradual improvement through the months. So I am very pleased.
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Posted: 02/01/2013, 05:10:30 AM
Amazing month - BME in sales - 81, RPD of $3. I was gladly surprised, January is usually really slow.
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Posted: 02/01/2013, 05:29:51 AM
After the first ten days of January I was about ready to sell my camera. Then it exploded and became BME. I've been making a push to upload more and that has been paying off. When I was close to 1000 images I thought about getting to 1200. A 20% increase in inventory would be huge. Looking now to get to 1500 and then 2000.

Signed up for an online class for Illustrator. I can do freehand art but I want to create vector formats.

I am currently taking an online class for self publishing ebooks. After I publish this one project I am going to try publishing a photography book.

Lots of opportunity out there beyond stock too! 2013 started out well, lets hope for a bigger finish!
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Posted: 02/01/2013, 06:17:18 AM
No sales in the second and third week of January. 9 sales during the other weeks including 7 subscriptions sales. One good sale (10 credits) only on february first. For such reasons my january is the worse month in terms of sales, revenue and RPD, but is the best for uploading: 23 new images and only 4 rejections. I hope for a best february.
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Edited: 02/01/2013, 07:12:02 AM
Although small potatoes for veteran contributors, this first month of 2013 was a thrill for me.
Best Month Ever in the year i've been doing this.
25 sales for $83.45 and RPD of $3.34.
double the $ of my best month prior!
AND, i woke up this morning to another couple-a-bucks.
I'm hoping this is a sign of better things coming in 2013.
399 photos online now. targeting another 400+ accepted photos this year, we'll see how it goes.

i might be wrong but think that having some photos accepted in a few Assignments this year and an editors choice photo in January may have contributed to more folks checking out the portfolio?

Happy Shooting everyone!

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Posted: 02/01/2013, 07:34:27 AM
Was a horrid month.
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Posted: 02/01/2013, 07:48:27 AM
bad month for us, near half in revenue from Dec
Posted: 02/01/2013, 07:52:43 AM
Pretty good, second best month since Jan. 2012.
Posted: 02/01/2013, 08:40:12 AM
Bad month ....for me......Congrats for your sales BCritchley and Digikhmer!Your pictures"running puppy pet dog"is wonderful,BCritchley!
Posted: 02/01/2013, 08:40:39 AM
I only just started in October 2012, but I must say I received half my sales in January. Wishing everyone a great year ahead.
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Posted: 02/01/2013, 08:49:58 AM

Originally posted by Dleonis:
Quoted Message: bad month for us, near half in revenue from Dec

The same here...
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Posted: 02/01/2013, 09:53:51 AM
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