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Unwanted photograpers & models

New article posted: Unwanted photograpers & models
Posted: 02/03/2013, 15:01:27 PM
It wasn't all positive cheap and cheerful perhaps ? David
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Posted: 02/03/2013, 16:29:15 PM
Interesting to read...I always say that life is like a sinus line; it goes this way, then it goes the opposite way. There are rumors that 3D rendered movies will replace the actual movies and there are good examples of it too (fyi: Check "Final Fantasy" movie, created at 12 years ago it's something we have to accept and maybe prepare. BUT, just keep in mind that, 3D rendered photographs are never photographs, they are actually drawn images and I think people will show respect to the real art, just like they respect to the oil paintings of Leonardo or Rembrant... thanks for sharing anyway :)
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Posted: 02/05/2013, 05:41:45 AM
some people will show respect, but what about our sales?! :(
Posted: 02/05/2013, 08:59:06 AM
interesting...but there's something for everyone...i guess it depends on what a person or company is looking for.
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Posted: 02/06/2013, 01:07:02 AM
of course, we will "hire" virtual models and will continue to work as photographers. Hope they will continue to smile after a 5 hour photo session. :)
Posted: 02/06/2013, 02:30:01 AM