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Land of Dreams

At this time of year, the travel and tourism industry, are pushing their destinations hard, especially in the form of Tv advertising, here in the UK. One of these commercials that caught my eye, was for The covering music is called "land of dreams". What caught my attention was, a beach artist constructing the Dreamstime watermark on a beautiful beach.
Was this a collaboration with DT, or just one of those amazing coincidences?
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Edited: 02/04/2013, 13:40:28 PM
Ha ha - yea - i saw that !!
Posted: 02/05/2013, 02:32:10 AM
Lol, coincidence. Swirls are all over.
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Posted: 02/05/2013, 04:11:16 AM
It looks like the spiral is in the opposite direction and has an extra spin or so from the DT logo. Still, it's a neat coincidence.
Posted: 02/05/2013, 16:42:52 PM